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Jul 3, 2013 09:54 AM


Swiss Haus Bakery is making their version of the Cronut™ now. Anyone try it?

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  1. I have seen the photos and they look good albeit a bit much for one person to eat. Maybe this weekend I may give in to temptation and will report back.

    1. Landis Supemarkets (Perkasie, Telford) in Bux-Mont Cary fried croissants, which are awesome. Why do you need the donut shape of the cronut when you can just use the original form?

      1. Had one at D Ansel a few weeks back, this does not look anything like that.

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          Jim Hausman: “We pay homage to the Cronut ... Our Cronut is different,” using a different recipe for the croissant dough.


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            And the other reason I believe is that Cronut has been trademarked by the originator so the Philadelphia folks had to both call them something different as well make them significantly different to prevent any legal problems. Reminds me of the shenanigans Chickie's and Pete's pulled with their trademarking crab fries and why anyone that puts old bay on their fries has to call them something else.

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              It's pretty clear that the trademark isn't valid. There was a "cronut" being sold in Texas before the one in NYC. Different recipe, but it was a pastry too.

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                You never know what a court will enforce...........

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                  If I were in the bakery business, I'd just call them cronuts. That guy in NYC isn't going to spend money suing people.

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                    Actually i am pretty sure he is ..... or he would not have trademarked it.

                    Ask the folks at El Jefe in Ambler formerly going to be known as Taco Feliz.

                    1. re: cwdonald

                      Not if someone else was using the name before him for a pastry

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                        And they would have to be challenging the trademark. Clearly Ansel has the trademark and is defending it. You do not have to be first to use the name to be able to trademark it.. you just have to do it. Same thing with crab fries.


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              Swiss Haus is not making the Cronutesque item on the weekends...yet. I tried!

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                  They are just doing it on weekdays for the time being but eventually may do the weekends too.

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                    Well i will try to check it out this week when I am in town.Will post a pic if I can.

            2. Ate one today.
              It was good. Certainly a legit entry in the desserts/sweets category.
              I didn't think it was all that, though- I don't forsee going out of my way for one again. And I don't see paying $5 for one again - but no reason for Swiss Haus to drop the price, the place was swarming with people, all there for cronuts. It felt like the other baked goods there were just props.

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                I am glad for now they don't have them on the weekend as the mob scene may interfere with my nonpariel cookie purchasing.

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                  Bob what time did you have to queue up to get one? I think there was an article on Foobooz that said they are released between 10 and 11 and they are selling out. They also mentioned you can "reserve" one ahead of time.


                  1. re: cwdonald

                    It would have been a bit before 10. And yes, there certainly were 'reserved' cronuts. I was worried that I wouldn't get one, actually. There were a lot of cronuts but many were already in boxes with names on them.
                    I didn't spend very long in there - the queue itself wasn't long, it was just that the whole place was clearly in all-cronut-all-the-time mode- putting them in the boxes, labeling boxes, there were some people lingering around, there was a camera crew...