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Jul 3, 2013 08:46 AM

Amy's Baking Company - Scottsdale, Arizona

Has anyone been to Amy's Baking Co. in Scottsdale? Amazingly, I find no discussion of the much maligned Amy here on this board.

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  1. At the risk of speaking for those other than myself, I think most of us wish it would just go away at this point.

    1. Dmnkly speaks for me.

      For discussions of the latest media-inflated nontroversies, your best bet is the Food Media & News board.

      1. Amy's could be the first restaurant, that Gordon Ramsay ran from.

        Lot's of material for you to read up on. Heck, they have even made several local talk radio programs.



        1. There was a video in today's AzCentral discussing the harsh contract they make workers sign. Why anyone would work (or eat) there is beyond me.

          1. It's an embarrassment to the Valley, if you ask me.

            I'm just not into the pomp and circumstance of the 15 minutes of fame that reality TV brings.

            So, NO.