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Jul 3, 2013 08:30 AM

best tapas restaurant in area, please

We ate at Dali's last night. Very disappointing. Nothing like years ago.
I would appreciate suggestions for great tapas restaurants in the greater Boston area. ?Northwest suburban area?


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  1. Taberna de Haro, Estragon and Toro are the 3 I can suggest. Toro being the least traditional of the 3, but also my favorite.

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    1. I really love CasaB in Union Square, Somerville. Delightful Chef-Owner operated boite with inventive, fresh, and delicious dishes.

        1. I really enjoyed my experience at Kika, but I think my favorite is Taberna de Haro.

          1. middle eastern/turkish more than Spain but great for small plates, Oleana.