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Jul 3, 2013 08:28 AM

Boca to Boynton Area Happy Hour Birthday Location?

Im looking to find a place to hold a Birthday Happy Hour Get together. Any suggestions? Ive thought of Yard House in Boca but was thinking there might be some better places in terms of food since it may extend into dinner. Looking for a location between Boca and Boynton Beach.

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  1. About how many people? (Some bar areas might be too small or too crowded),

    Any particular day of the week?

    The good news is that right now (off season), I can tell you that virtually every single restaurant on The Ave in Delray is promoting their HH and/or Prix Fixe multicourse dinner.

    I bet it is the same in Mizner.

    Most run 4 to 6, 4 to 7, or 5 to 7. Usually they include half-off most or all apps, and of course, drink specials 241 etc. An increasing number of places are now even offering HH on Saturday or Sunday...

    Probably because in the hot summer daylight, they tend to be pretty empty (even on Fri/Sat/Sun) until later in the evening, whereas in winter, the weekend action starts much earlier (5 or 6 PM).

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      It will be on a Friday and probably about 15 people.

    2. Since it is summer, outdoors is probably not an option. So you need a indoor (or shaded) bar area that isn't too small and won't be too madly crowded.

      On The Ave in Delray, candidates that come to mind include: Sundy House, 32 East, 75 Main, and City Oyster. Mark Militello recently reworked the menu at 75 Main and I've had some very good apps there.

      Due to space issues I am not including Dada, Tryst, Park Tavern, The Office, and Vic and Angelo's. Although you might want to take a "preview tour" yourself one weekday and take a look. All these places are within about 5 blocks.