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Jul 3, 2013 07:31 AM

Summer restaurant vacations Galleria Umberto's for example

I saw it mentioned in another thread, but didn't see one for this years vacations.

Gallery Umberto's in the north end will be closed until the 29th. I found out the hard way by seeing the metal gate being down at 11 hoping to get an arancini.

Any more places that will disappoint when people show up??


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  1. Yumewokatare is closed until 8/8.

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    1. re: lossless

      Update: I walked by today and a sign said Yumewokatare will be closed until 8/30. Looked like some repainting going on.

      1. re: lossless

        Update 2: the sign has changed and now it says they are remodeling and hope to reopen in the fall. No date.

    2. I always forget about it too, but Umberto's vacation is the most notorious, I think.

      I know from walking by that Carlo's is closed for about a week for July 4th, and Bon Chon said they'd be closed for a few days.

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      1. re: tysonmcneely

        Yes I knew it was coming up but depending on when the 4th falls some times it doesn't include the 1, 2, 3 :((

      2. Esperia Grill (Brighton) is closed for a couple weeks until July 18th or so.

        1. Copied from another conversation.

          "Erbaluce is on its annual summer hiatus through July 9.


          1. In the South End, the wonderful Chocolee Chocolates is closed til 7/13/13.