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Jul 3, 2013 07:13 AM

Summer Restaurant Week

I know that we have a few weeks to go before the 2013 Summer Restaurant Week list of participating restaurants comes out, but, to be prepared, can you suggest restaurants that have had vegetarian-friendly menus (lunch) in the past?
I would like to treat someone who is a vegetarian, to lunch.

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  1. Here's a short but relevant discussion from 2013 Winter RW:

    I'd also keep an eye out as to if Riverpark is participating.

    1. for what it's worth, Aldea has a $25 three course lunch menu with a vegetarian option (not vegan) in both starters and entrees. i was there on Friday and had a risotto with cucumber, orange, and mushroom.

      1. Perilla usually has veg options on their RW menus.