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Jul 3, 2013 06:44 AM

The Smokehouse BBQ in Lethbridge

From Toronto, staying in southern Alberta for the summer. Spotted The Smokehouse BBQ + Bar (1104 Mayor Magrath Dr. S., 403-380-4880) in Lethbridge. Husband brought me takeout good brisket (half pound, $15) and A+ "burnt ends" (seasoned/smoked brisket ends for $7). He ate in, got a tour of the commercial smoker. His meat was served dry - with sauces on the side. We'll be back to try more: Brunswick Stew (rarely seen in Canada - I had it in North Carolina), poutines, smoked chicken, Mississippi Mud Pie etc.

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  1. Good to know....will have to stop there this summer.
    I have to say that I`ve been disappointed in the BBQ joints that we`ve experienced here & in Montana & New Mexico. OK, so those states are hardly known for great BBQ or any BBQ for that matter.
    I`ve been smoking briskets for 15 years now & I humbly say that I haven`t been anywhere that even comes close to my brisket. Admittedly, I haven`t been to Texas!

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      Well if you smoke your own chances are you will find this place lacking! I went for quick takeout lunch - caesar salad was terrible, the baked beans were too vinegary (threw them out) but the burnt ends were sublime.