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Jul 3, 2013 06:13 AM

Is Pappy's expanding?

We went to Mai Lee last night and parked in front was a truck/suv with a Pappy's BBQ sign on the door - right in front of an empty storefront where work was going on. Mai Lee was so crowded that we didn't go in so I didn't get to ask Que or Linda what was happening - might Pappy's be expanding to the Hanley-Hwy 40 area.

Wow that would mean two FINE 'q joints near me - Sugarfire & Pappy's

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  1. Is it possible he was eating at Mai Lee's?

    1. I still don't understand the appeal of that location. a BBQ op would be better off on Big Bend or Manchester or something like the old Busch Grove site.

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      1. re: hill food

        I dunno abt the old busch's grove site...there's something wrong about really good bbq in a neighborhood like that. Cloth napkins or something.... [VBG}

        1. re: lemons

          yeah - I know, but this is why we have bleach (smirk).

          I meant I want BBQ in a casual-ish setting, if that location is being considered, they'd be better off leasing the top deck of the parking garage and investing in a good tent, it'd be outdoors and a good view. there's just something about the street level of that building that makes me think of the lower level of the long-gone Northland shopping center in Winter - cold, sunless and bleak.

          1. re: hill food

            A wonderfully vivid image. But I betcha they won't go there. (However, remember I was married to the man who said O'Connell's wouldn't survive long the move from Gaslight Square...)

      2. My DH just got a Pappy's t-shirt from friends who just got back from STL and loved the downtown location for their BBQ.

        1. Just got it from the "Whole Hog's" mouth. Not expanding by Mai Lee....

          1. Certainly is possible that a Pappy's guy wanted some good Viet food but I really like the idea of Pappy;s opening another joint nearer to me.

            However the wonderful sides at Sugarfire tilt the 'Q scales in their favor :P

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            1. re: rich in stl

              Pappy said he would love to open there so he could easily grab some Pho....