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Is Pappy's expanding?

rich in stl Jul 3, 2013 06:13 AM

We went to Mai Lee last night and parked in front was a truck/suv with a Pappy's BBQ sign on the door - right in front of an empty storefront where work was going on. Mai Lee was so crowded that we didn't go in so I didn't get to ask Que or Linda what was happening - might Pappy's be expanding to the Hanley-Hwy 40 area.

Wow that would mean two FINE 'q joints near me - Sugarfire & Pappy's

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  1. f
    FriendOfTheDevil RE: rich in stl Jul 3, 2013 11:18 AM

    Is it possible he was eating at Mai Lee's?

    1. hill food RE: rich in stl Jul 7, 2013 08:28 PM

      I still don't understand the appeal of that location. a BBQ op would be better off on Big Bend or Manchester or something like the old Busch Grove site.

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      1. re: hill food
        lemons RE: hill food Jul 7, 2013 08:52 PM

        I dunno abt the old busch's grove site...there's something wrong about really good bbq in a neighborhood like that. Cloth napkins or something.... [VBG}

        1. re: lemons
          hill food RE: lemons Jul 7, 2013 09:23 PM

          yeah - I know, but this is why we have bleach (smirk).

          I meant I want BBQ in a casual-ish setting, if that location is being considered, they'd be better off leasing the top deck of the parking garage and investing in a good tent, it'd be outdoors and a good view. there's just something about the street level of that building that makes me think of the lower level of the long-gone Northland shopping center in Winter - cold, sunless and bleak.

          1. re: hill food
            lemons RE: hill food Jul 8, 2013 06:45 AM

            A wonderfully vivid image. But I betcha they won't go there. (However, remember I was married to the man who said O'Connell's wouldn't survive long the move from Gaslight Square...)

      2. Beach Chick RE: rich in stl Jul 8, 2013 06:50 AM

        My DH just got a Pappy's t-shirt from friends who just got back from STL and loved the downtown location for their BBQ.

        1. f
          FriendOfTheDevil RE: rich in stl Jul 8, 2013 01:36 PM

          Just got it from the "Whole Hog's" mouth. Not expanding by Mai Lee....

          1. r
            rich in stl RE: rich in stl Jul 9, 2013 06:52 PM

            Certainly is possible that a Pappy's guy wanted some good Viet food but I really like the idea of Pappy;s opening another joint nearer to me.

            However the wonderful sides at Sugarfire tilt the 'Q scales in their favor :P

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            1. re: rich in stl
              FriendOfTheDevil RE: rich in stl Jul 11, 2013 10:47 AM

              Pappy said he would love to open there so he could easily grab some Pho....

              1. re: FriendOfTheDevil
                rich in stl RE: FriendOfTheDevil Jul 12, 2013 01:57 PM

                makes perfect sense to me :P

            2. s
              shannonstl RE: rich in stl Jul 18, 2013 01:03 PM

              They are expanding, though not with the Pappy's name and not in the area described above.


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              1. re: shannonstl
                rich in stl RE: shannonstl Jul 18, 2013 01:47 PM

                Thanks for the info 8)

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