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Jul 3, 2013 06:01 AM

The Pie Issue

Today's NY Times dinning section is all about pie. It's a wonderful series of articles:

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  1. I am in pie heaven! Can't wait to make some of these!

    1. That's the best food section in AGES. Usually it's tarted-up trendy stuff or more maunderings on healthy eating by Bittman etc.

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      1. I love crisps and cobblers and tarts and probably would love sonkers. But they ain't pie.

        Pie is pie. And it's better.

        But I still really enjoyed this food section.

        1. I can't help it, being a New Zealander, whenever I hear the word 'pie' I think of mince and cheese pie, steak and kidney pie, bacon and egg pie, chicken and leek pie, fish pie... you get the drift.

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          1. re: Billy33

            Don't you make sweet pies in NZ? I thought they were common everywhere in the west. Nothing better than a good meat pie, however...

          2. With peach season coming up, I just might try that Fried Peach Pie with Bourbon and Cinnamon. Last year I made a regular peach pie which was good, but not as exciting as I would have liked.