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The joys of ordering delivery online

That little box online when you order delivery that says "special instructions for driver" or something like that.... I've just realized how boring I am. Maybe giving them a description of the house or something.... I could have been asking for so much more as this website has let me know. (I especially like "please draw a crab on the bag"

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  1. I guess I'm boring too. I just include the buzz code for my apt, so the driver doesn't have to look it up on the list. That is, if the website doesn't already have a space for it. Then it's even more boring...blank.

    1. please stop by the corner store and pick up a pack of smokes for my partner(s).

      1. LOL!

        "Please deliver to the 7th floor of Bloomingdales the door in the back of the Towels department. Thanks."

        1. I think it's really helpful when ordering from a local Thai place, b/c you can specify the degree of hotness or add other "special" requests.

          The attire of the delivery boy is generally not something I ponder much.

          1. My apartment complex has two entrances from the main road, and the two parking lots don't connect. I use the instructions box to make sure the driver knows to take the second turn.

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              I give similar directions. I live in a rowhouse with 3 levels which are each individual apartments and I always explain that the door bell for apartment #1 is on the bottom. I thought it was intuitive but after mis-rings late at night which have awoken my neighbors I always make sure now and the instructions seem to work.

              Also, if someone is sleeping in my house that I don't want to wake up, I always add a note to call instead of ringing the bell when they arrive.

            2. We have a standing request with both UPS and USPS to leave packages either in our garage or our mudroom.

              1. The only place I know that has this in my town is Domino's. I can't wait to try it out and see if it actually has any result.

                1. I like to make my own rice when I order Chinese delivery. Before I had put in the special instructions "NO RICE", the restaurant would call me on the phone to make sure I wasn't forgetting to order rice.

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                    Uh, I'm a little confused. Couldn't you simply not ORDER rice in order to not GET rice?

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                      Wineguy said he doesn't order rice and then the restaurant calls and asks to make sure he hasn't forgotten to order rice.

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                        This has happened to me as well. For a while I did the same thing - cook rice on my own in order to save a few bucks, but I'd always be contacted asking me if I forgot to order rice and/or just put it in there anyways.

                  2. I'm thinking adding "request delivery person who can dance a small jig"

                    1. "Please send the deliveryman with the tattoo of the puppy on his neck; The one that looks like a cross between Marc Ruffalo and Ryan Gosling, but more Mexican." or "This is for my girlfriend's birthday, can you please cut the slices to look like flower bouquets and place the pepparoni so it reads 'I love you Trish!'.

                      1. I got really hammered one evening and placed a delivery order for gyros from a nearby joint. I started flirting with the delivery guy and gave him a unusually large tip - he was obviously not gay and lord knows what I said to him. But he never came back any other times I ordered delivery from them lol.