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Jul 3, 2013 03:05 AM

The joys of ordering delivery online

That little box online when you order delivery that says "special instructions for driver" or something like that.... I've just realized how boring I am. Maybe giving them a description of the house or something.... I could have been asking for so much more as this website has let me know. (I especially like "please draw a crab on the bag"

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  1. I guess I'm boring too. I just include the buzz code for my apt, so the driver doesn't have to look it up on the list. That is, if the website doesn't already have a space for it. Then it's even more boring...blank.

    1. please stop by the corner store and pick up a pack of smokes for my partner(s).

      1. LOL!

        "Please deliver to the 7th floor of Bloomingdales the door in the back of the Towels department. Thanks."

        1. I think it's really helpful when ordering from a local Thai place, b/c you can specify the degree of hotness or add other "special" requests.

          The attire of the delivery boy is generally not something I ponder much.

          1. My apartment complex has two entrances from the main road, and the two parking lots don't connect. I use the instructions box to make sure the driver knows to take the second turn.

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              I give similar directions. I live in a rowhouse with 3 levels which are each individual apartments and I always explain that the door bell for apartment #1 is on the bottom. I thought it was intuitive but after mis-rings late at night which have awoken my neighbors I always make sure now and the instructions seem to work.

              Also, if someone is sleeping in my house that I don't want to wake up, I always add a note to call instead of ringing the bell when they arrive.