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Jul 3, 2013 02:17 AM

Masterchef Australia 2013

I remember last year or the year before I had to start this thread too. Is anyone watching this season? The contestants are really really clueless when it comes to cooking (I think Matt Preston mentioned this before the premiere aired). Despite the quality of the contestants the show is still great and FAR superior to Masterchef US. It also seems like the contestants this season (no clue about others) know exactly what they will cook beforehand. For example, in the July 1 episode for the immunity challenge the contestant wore a shirt with a duck for the occasion. Have to cook something by surprise is far harder...and that is how it seemed last season.

Who do you think should be cut now and who do you think will make top three? I think the granny should be the first to do then the young Indian girl, followed by the Middle Eastern woman (dont get me know I love that type of food and they seem like nice people but dont have what it takes). The guy who left for medical reasons was definitely next up to be eliminated. I have a feeling one of three guys will win (sorry I dont know their names) the Asian 22 year old student (Totom?), the man who was in the immunity challenged (starts with V), and the stay at home dad (even though he isn't very good).

It isnt nice to saw but Im a bit biased against the Tiger Mom and it might be because of her strange jaw/teeth.

Also, anyone else sick how in the personal stories everyone says I'm cooking this for my dead mother/father/handicapped sister... blah I dont really I an ass or is this completely overdone?

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  1. There's another thread started about this season ( - but I don't agree with you that it seems like the contestants know what they're making beforehand. The duck shirt example doesn't quite seem like enough of an indication of that to me - and if anything I feel like Masterchef Australia is far more upfront about the reality of challenges compared to the US version.

    Regarding the personal stories, I don't mind it - but mostly because compared to the US version's complete nastiness by the judges and contestants - I'll take the heavy dosage of shmaltz. And at this point it's just a standard part of reality tv that I tune out.

    In terms of Top 3 - I think it's way too soon to tell. There haven't really been that many recipe challenges (aside from elimination) - which in the past has been a huge part of making it to the end. Both in regards to final challenges (following a chef's recipe to recreate a dish) - but also surviving potential elimination challenges. Julie Taylor from the past season was in a number of elimination challenges, but made it to be runner-up - which clearly speaks to her ability to deal well with recipes. Not to mention desserts. There hasn't been a mandatory dessert challenge and that always has the risk of really tripping up an otherwise strong contestant (though that's usually hand in hand with not being good with recipes).

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      Have you heard anything about the order in which the dishes are presented.. like if a contestants dish is falling apart/needs resting is that taken into consideration? I've always wondered how the judges are able to be accurate between a hot plate and a plate that has cooled by the time it gets to them

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        Short answer - I don't know.

        I would guess that there's a kind of Iron Chef style way of making sure that food is relatively warm. Or that for non-service challenges, at this point the judges are experienced enough not to judge too harshly regarding temperature.