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Jul 2, 2013 07:50 PM

Brighton, UK.

Any suggestions for places to eat in Brighton UK towards the end of July. Not sure where staying at the moment.

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  1. my first port of call is terre a terre for wonderfully imaginative vegetarian food. the last time i was there my other dinner choice was the gingerman.

    bill's can be good for brunch/lunch as long as you don't mind the abundance of kids/possibility of queueing - it's less appealing to me now it has developed into a chain and expanded beyond brighton. i'm not sure if it is still going but i also liked wai kiki moo kau for casual eats (again breakfast/brunch/lunch).

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    1. re: abby d

      Didn't bills start in Sydney so Brighton (although I thought Notting Hill was first) was the expansion into a chanin....

      1. re: PhilD

        i don't know Phil - my understanding is that there is bill granger's restaurants which started in australia and then came to the uk (incl. branch in notting hill) and then there is bill's which afaik is seperate and started in brighton before expanding within the uk.

        1. re: abby d

          Abby - I had not reallised it was a UK chain - no wonder Bill Granger calls "bill's" Granger & Co in the UK....the UK chain obviously got to use the name first in the UK market.

          Back to Brighton - the Gingerman restaurant or one of their pubs - Gingerpig is oe one - are good. Due South used to be very good but sadly closed.

      2. re: abby d

        Thanks for the vegetarian option - worth trying

      3. Sam's of Seven Dials should be worth a punt.

        It's a re-branding or reincarnation of the restaurant just called "Sevendials". I ate there in 2009 and, assuming the food is just as good (and it's inclusion in the Good Food Guide suggests it may well be) then you should get a decent bistro dinner.

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