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Jul 2, 2013 07:33 PM

corsica in october


From chicago and heading to Corsica for 1 week in October 2013. Planning on renting a car.
Tentative plans include:
- bastia vs erbalunga
- ile rousse
- the calvi and scandola area
- corte
- possibly ajaccio

Appreciate recs on great places to eat (the more local the better!)

Please share your experiences. thanks!

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  1. We spent 3 weeks in Corsica in the Fall and leisurely circumnavigated the island. We preferred Erbalunga over the more commercial Bastia and stayed at the the hotel Castel Brando; ate there as well as Le Pirate.

    Calvi was perhaps our #2 favorite behind Bonifaccio. Ajaccio is larger and has much to offer; we spent a couple of days there at the hotel Palazzu U Domu, but our preference was the smaller villages...St. Florent, Calvi, Algajola, etc. The scenery is spectacular, particularly along the western coastine.