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Jul 2, 2013 07:33 PM

Popeye's Chicken Tender Waffles?!

I had a long hard day teaching my 6yo daughter to swim, so swung through Popeye's drive-through for some Zatarain's shrimp with their awesome lemon garlic sauce. As I was waiting at the window, I noticed a small sign on the nearby door that read, as nearly as I could make out, "Coming Soon - Chicken Tender Waffles!" I asked the teenager at the window the whens, whats, etc., but he didn't know anything at all. Has anybody heard anything about this? I am intrigued.

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  1. That does sound amazing tracy. Thanks for the heads up. In the meantime now I have to try those shrimp if our location near Philly has them.

    1. i saw the commercial for the zatarain's shrimp... they look so good! i've never been to Popeye's, but might have to seek it out now.

      I don't see anything on their website about chicken tender waffles. so intrigued. :)

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Yes! They had a tasting truck by my work last week. It was actually really good!

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            Oh, please do tell me more! Was it chicken tenders in a waffle batter? Or actual waffles? Is it spicy or mild? Is there maple syrup involved? I am inexplicably and unreasonably excited about this!

            1. re: tracytrace

              Haha! You are very excited! It was like chicken tenders in I guess a waffle batter? The dipping sauce was like a maple honey mustard..which sounds weird...but was really good. It wasn't spicy at all-but I hope they come out with a spicy version later.

              1. re: Rixter

                Ooh, I hope they do a spicy version too! Thanks!

          2. Chicken waffle tenders - chicken coated in waffle batter and deep fried. oh my.