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Jul 2, 2013 06:25 PM

La Nueva Hot & Fresh

Got some tacos and tamales today for dinner. Really good. Amazingly good actually. They were out of corn tortillas, but the flour, which I would have never chosen, were really really good.

Tried to get to Tei-An for lunch, but they're closed at lunch this week. Ended up spotting 4 food trucks parked at the Opera House. Tried Indian and BBQ. Neither was worth naming.

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  1. You should check out Pak Pao for Thai as well. Easy to get in for now, but once the word gets out, I bet they'll be pretty busy since they do high quality food without the price tag that goes with the Design District location. Strongly recommend the egg with tamarind sauce app and the taro custard dessert. They're only open for dinner.

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      I would concurr with air's recommendation. Might add the vegetable dip and the pandan custard. Those eggs though leave a craving that is hard to fight. I have been thinking about those constantly (boiled egg in which the exterior is fried, topped with a savory tamarind suace with crispy fried onions and crispy garlic)