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Sep 5, 2003 11:02 AM

Fresh pasta and gnocchi in Dallas?

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Does anyone know a store to find good fresh pasta and especially gnocchi in Dallas? I've tried Central Market and other grocery stores to no avail. I just got back from Italy and want to make gnocchi at home.

Thank you!

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  1. The only place like that I can think of is a place on Lover's Lane (near Inwood) that sells fresh ravioli. Sorry but the name escapes me. There used to be a place on Preston near Royal that sold fresh pasta, but I think that it closed. I don't know about buying fresh gnocchi (you may have to make it yourself).

    Dave R

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      The name of the place is Holy Ravioli - I don't recall ever seeing gnocchi in there but maybe I've missed it. They do have good fresh pasta. If you do find a source for fresh made, post and let us know.

    2. I'd stop in Jimmy's on Bryan and ask there. They have all and know all Italian.

      1. I've never been in but there's a place on Peak St. just before Bryan called, I think, Civello's or Civellino's that sells handmade ravioli. They may have other paste as well, even gnocchi.

        Also I second Donnie's advice that Jimmy's has it all. They're on Bryan at Fitzhugh (look it up, Fitzhugh makes a wierd dogleg near there and it's not a good neighborhood to get lost in). They have ravioli and gnocchi from Cive***'s frozen in bags, plus a deli counter that will get you all stoked about antipasto.

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          Johnny Imperioli

          Jimmy's does have it and has for 50+ years.
          We were there just this Sat. the 11th. We had the Italian sub this morning (9:30am), sat outside and enjoyed it with a nice cup of coffee and some desert.
          We will never buy Italian sauce, sausage, or salami from anywhere else but Jimmy's. Long live Jimmy's!!! Help support your local Itlaian deli and help Dallas Itlaian's prosper and grow.