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Jul 2, 2013 06:15 PM

What restaurants should I not miss?

I will be staying at the Venetian for a week of meetings. What restaurants are not to be missed? I would love lunch and dinner suggestions. Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. Some more information would help us give you some suggestions. What type of food? Price range? Will you have a car?

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    1. re: Eric

      I will not have a car. I've never been to Las Vegas before so this is new territory for me. I often travel to New York and Montreal so I am used to great food. Any suggestions for both expensive and more moderately priced restaurants would be so appreciated.

      1. re: Morninggal

        If you travel to NY often, I would definitely skip most Japanese food.

        Definitely check out e by Jose Andres, Sage, Lotus of Siam, Carnevino.

        1. re: Shirang

          "Japanese" really means too much in terms of food. And if you skip Raku you are skipping one of the essential Las Vegas dining destinations.

          1. re: LVI

            +1. Raku is considered one of the best in the US, not just Las Vegas.

            1. re: LVI

              I've eaten at Raku, while decent, there are better options for robataya in NY for someone who lives there or is there often.

      2. I'm too tired to do a trip report after just returning with 5 nights of almost no sleep, but I have to say that Raku was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was that good-

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          Hi BubblyOne! Please get some sleep and then I would love to read about your Vegas dining experiences. Thanks!

        2. In the Venetian complex itself, my favorites are Bouchon and CUT (which is a steakhouse, but has other options). I enjoy B&B but if you are from NYC, you can go to Batali restaurants there.
          If you are willing to venture off strip, Raku is great. For great and different sushi, Kabuto (in the same strip mall as Raku) is terrific. Lotus of Siam is great Thai food and a lesser known but also great new place, Chadda Thai, has a killer $15 lunch special (soup, salad, entree, and a glass of wine). For all of those, cab rides will be necessary.

          On the strip, you should definitely head down to City Center; I'd consider Scarpetta and Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan, and Sage in Aria.

          1. Assuming that you stay at the Venetian/Palazzo (since this is your first trip to Vegas) you have several fine choices.
            Lots of people like Bouchon particularly for breakfast. There are 3 places that specialize in different variations of steak:- Delmonico's. CUT and Carnevino. NoodleAsia is an acceptable Chinese/noodle bar. I like Sushi Samba - not for the Sushi choices but for the Brazilian/Portuguese dishes. Valentino's is an excellent upscale Italian place - it will close later this year but don't let that discourage you. Even the coffee shop - the Grand Luxe Cafe is reasonably good. Then there is the Pinot Brasserie, which has been getting good reviews lately. Naturally, you can always find better deals if you are adventurous and venture off the strip - that means either hoofing it in the heat or cabbing or renting a car - the Spring Mountain corridor West of the freeway is loaded with all kinds of interesting Asian choices.

            1. One of the nice things about the Venetian/Palazzo complex is that you can do a quick tour of the specials boards for that particular night before making a decision. And you can also mix-and-match rather conveniently - perhaps appetizers at one spot, an entree somewhere else, and save a third for dessert (especially at the "restaurant row" that connects the two properties, or Otto, Canaletto and Postrio side-by-side on the square in the Canal Shoppes). That is a particularly interesting way to play it now that the summer produce is showing up on the menu's (folks like Keller, Lagasse, Batali and Puck do a pretty darn good job of sourcing). I know this does not help to narrow your options, but a nice stroll around that property also helps to build an appetite.