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Jul 2, 2013 06:05 PM

Good bread?

Where can I find great bread in this area?

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  1. If by "in this area" you mean DC, then Lyon @ Union Station

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        1. re: Morninggal

          Leonora in Clarendon is as good as it gets in this area.

          1. re: Steve

            Agreed -- if a baguette is what you're after, Leonora is it.

            Bread in a restaurant? -- Le Diplomate's is hard to beat.

      1. I've had good luck at the Columbia Heights and DuPont Farmers markets. Lyon is on our list (along with the rest of Union Market).

        1. First, I'm not a bread guy, and second, you may want to give more specifics on what type of bread you're looking for. However, Great Harvest has a few VA locations, I believe (certainly one in Herndon). If in Leesburg, Lightfoot has a bakery next door to the restaurant.

          1. Thanks for your suggestions. I just got back from a trip to Quebec City where I had all types of wonderful breads. My how travel can change you!

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            1. re: Morninggal

              Quebec City can spoil you in so many ways that it can ruin you when it comes to more "pedestrian" cities.

            2. The Greek Deli @M Street in DC. Best bread there is.

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              1. re: jmiggler

                What's so special about the bread at the Greek Deli? Are you talking about sandwich bread or bread they give you with a meal or loves of bread?

                1. re: Steve

                  It's the sandwich bread. Hard to describe, but try it sometime and see. I consider it the best bread in DC.

                  1. re: jmiggler

                    Makes me wonder where they get it from.

                    So far two of the best breads I've had in the area are the french bread service at Central and the bread for the Arm Drip Sandwich at Bayou Bakery in Courthouse. I know Bayou bakes their own. I'm not sure if Central bakes their own or has someone do it for them.