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Jul 2, 2013 05:11 PM


Annual vacation. Anything new, good or different? We plan on returning to the Driftwood, and I understand the Wine Bar is closed. Did they open elsewhere? Is Latitude upstairs any good?

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  1. Lots of posts on here about recent Plymouth visits. The biggest talk is the Blue Eyed Crab, which I have yet to try. Love Patrizias food, but service tends to dip if you are not a regular. Issacs sucks, original British Beer works is fun late night. I believe the wine bar has reopened, wanted to try it recently but, like Blue Eye Crab, has yet to happen.

    Do you tend to stay in Plymouth or will you travel for good food?

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      Skip East Bay Grille. What about Rye Tavern? Solstice x 9?

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        We tend to stay near Plymouth. We've been to Blue Eyed and enjoyed it. We like Driftwood. Avoid most harbor front places the Pilgrims opened. We like a good clam shack, gastropub and locavore type places. Mostly looking for new within the past year.