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Jul 2, 2013 05:08 PM

Fairhaven happenins' [Bellingham]

Rocket Donut is up & running as of this morning (but we were down there last night, ha !)

Fat Pie Pizza is close to opening.

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  1. Hi, LR:

    Do you remember what was once where Rocket Donut is now? It was IMO the nicest little spot in all of Fairhaven, arguably its anchor.

    Now it's a blight, however good the donuts may be. And a dirty shame.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Hi KK,

      That corner was occupied by A Lot of Flowers which was an open space save for a small shed where the trinklets and cashier/service desk were:


      Now the store is on the west corner of the new building, facing Jalapenos the Mexican resto.

      1. re: LotusRapper

        Hi, LR: "...A Lot of Flowers..."

        Precisely. Fairhaven is turning into the North Lynnwood Annex. The change was palpable this year at the Ski-To-Sea streetfair.


      2. re: kaleokahu

        I completely agree. Don't forget to include the noise-pollution music. I'm down with 50s tunes blaring from Boomers; it does NOT jive with the Fairhaven vibe.

        Treat me nice and I'll tell you how I really feel.


      3. Gah! We were down there today and forget to check out the new Rocket Donuts. Have you tried Acme Ice Cream yet? Bet your little one would be happy to give it a go. Mmmmm.

        1. I was there yesterday. It really looks and feels different with the Rocket building on the corner. Although i miss the ALot of Flowers corner, I think it will be a good change. It is nice to have so many options now, to be able to sit outside more, have a glass of wine and a bite, see more people supporting local shop owners. For the longest time the summer choices sucked unless you wanted to eat in the darkness of an old building. It is really nice now.

          BTW, I went to Jimmy's for a Banh mi and spring rolls. The sandwich was tasty, better than Soy House. Spring rolls not as good as Soy House. It was nice to sit outside and people watch.

          My friends reported the new ice cream place was really great, but I didn't try it. Maybe when the new pizza place opens.

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          1. re: sedimental

            Thx for the update :-)

            We're back down this Saturday ("Back to the Future" showing on Village Green). I may give Jimmy's a whirl this time, they've been closed seasonally for so long. A banh mi. couple 'o donuts and some ice cream would serve well.

            1. re: sedimental

              I have only had atrocious (clearly dumbed down &/or manufactured) food at Jimmy's. I am floored that they could beat Soy House at anything. You must have caught them on a good day or maybe Soy House does a crummy sandwich? I wouldn't know - I can't do gluten. But I am perennially amazed that Jimmy keeps doors open. (That includes the nail shop - I do not get good employee-employer vibes in there, and won't go anymore.)

              1. re: Vetter

                Soy house does a really crummy sandwich. Dry and tasteless on a hoagy/French roll. Abysmal.

                Jimmy's sandwich was good. We had the chicken one. The bread was shatteringly crisp like it is supposed to be.

                Also, the Soy House does an absolutely awful vegetable plate with eggplant, tofu and a few other roasted vegetables. Tasteless and pathetic, just terrible. They are my favorite place for pho, pizza and spring rolls, but that is it.

            2. Amazing news! I've been on a donut craze since going to Cartems in Vancouver. Thanks for posting :)

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              1. re: cbg90

                Hi cbg90 - I'm in Vancouver, and here's another new purveyor for 'fancy' donuts if you're up this ways again:



                I quite like their orange honey pistachio. And the bacon apple fritter, which I think is superior in combination than the typical bacon whiskey (Cartems) or bacon maple (Rocket) :-)

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  Thank you!

                  My arteries are crying already ;).

                  1. re: cbg90

                    Are you in B'ham ? Have you been to the downtown Rocket Donut ?

                    1. re: LotusRapper

                      I'm from Vancouver as well, haven't been to rocket downtown. My doughnut repertoire currently doesn't extend much past timmies, Cartem's and voodoo. Haha

                      1. re: cbg90

                        Timmy's donuts aren't donuts anymore, I can't even begin to describe them without wanting to use nasty words.

                        Lee's (Granville Isld), Honey (Deep Cove) and Duffins (41Ave/Knight) still purvey decent stuff. There's a new place on Lonsdale I forget the name of, and haven't been neither.

                        Also, The Outpost in Steveston Village (Richmond) does these fancy mini donuts:


              2. Spent the better part of the day in Fairhaven (but lunched in Sumas since we came down Route 9). Got a few donuts from Rocket. Nice digs, but to me seems a bit over-done, whereas a 50's diner would be perfect there. Same prices & quality as far as I can tell, nice to have a patio too. Fat Pie Pizza next door still isn't ready yet. I had to "find Waldo" (Village Books annual event) with my son so we really just bumblebee'd from one store to the next.

                Maybe next time we can swing over to Cassoulet if the agenda is lighter.