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Jul 2, 2013 04:19 PM

Barcelona and San Sebastian for 5-year anniversary - itinerary help

We'll be in Barcelona and San Sebastian for our 5-year anniversary. We're visiting from NYC and would love to try the best both cities have to offer, at all levels. Here is the current tentative itinerary, but would love to get some thoughts. I think we currently may be too overloaded on long meals and fine-dining, so would appreciate feedback on which ones to drop, and also some suggestions of less long meals to replace them.

We arrive on a Monday morning in Barcelona. Most of the top places are only open Tuesday through Saturday, so I'd love to get some recommendations for more casual places that are still excellent that are open on Monday.

Tuesday: Lunch at Moments, Dinner at Tickets or 41 degrees. We may skip lunch to do more sightseeing and just have a big dinner, in which case I would lean toward 41 degrees for the full experience but curious what others think.

Wednesday: Lunch at El Celler De Can Roca. We'll probably be stuffed but would like to find a good tapas place for dinner.

Thursday: Fly to Bilbao, drive to San Sebastian. Currently have lunch booked at Akelerre. Pintxos for dinner.

Friday: Lunch booked at Mugaritz and dinner at Arzak. Again, this may be too much food - leaning toward perhaps dropping dinner at Arzak

Saturday: Lunch at Asador Extebarri. Pintxos for dinner.

Sunday: Fly back to NYC.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Barcelona:

    -- don't miss Gresca for lunch (I *think* they are open on Mondays); +934 516 193; Provença, 230, Barcelona.
    -- Gelonch for dinner (definitely open Mondays); +932 658 298; Calle Bailén, 56, Barcelona.

    San Sebastian:

    >>> Lunch booked at Mugaritz and dinner at Arzak. Again, this may be too much food - leaning toward perhaps dropping dinner at Arzak. <<<

    Other way 'round.

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    1. re: zin1953

      Thanks. Upon reading more reviews I'm leaning toward canceling both Mugaritz and Arzak, and eating at Azurmendi on Thursday (since we're flying into Bilbao anyway), Akelarre on Friday and Extebarri on Saturday. I've heard the pintxos bars at night in San Sebastian are amazing, so I'm thinking of just doing that all 3 nights I'm there. I'm guessing there should be plenty to try over 3 nights in the old part of San Sebastian?

      1. re: kewlly

        We were in SS for two nights in April (the second time we'd visited SS), and yes, there is plenty of excellent pintxos to eat your way through. There are lots of recommendations here.

        A plus for staying in the city for dinner is that you don't have to drive, so you can drink whatever you want at the pintxos bars and wander back to your room.