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Jul 2, 2013 04:09 PM

Eating in Cambria/Paso Robles

Going to wine country for a few days... Anyone have some fabulous recommendations for dinners in the area?

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  1. We had a fantastic meal at Artisan in Paso and would highly recommend it.

    1. Let me coat tail this thread with any lunch suggestions in Paso as well - special lunch for a B-day.

      1. Will agree that Artisan is one of the best spots in Paso for an upscale but still relaxed meal. For a special occasion though, my pick would be Bistro Laurent. It's going to be more pricey and you'll definitely need a reservation as the place is a bit small and very popular, but well worth both the effort and cost. Another good choice is Buona Tavola for outstanding Italian. Never had a bad meal there.

        In Cambria I've done more lunches than dinners, to be honest. We've enjoyed many dinners at Sow's Ear - love the homey atmosphere it has. But the last time or two we were there the service was off and the owner/manager indifferent when we mentioned it, so that put us off a bit. Linn's is a good call for simple comfort food, and my fave place in Cambria is the Tea Cozy for traditional English tea and British food, but they're strictly lunch as they close at 4pm.

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          One more recommendation for Bistro Laurent, and if you are used to city prices it really is not that pricey. At dinner they have tasting menu (really more like a prix fixe) which is $66 for 4 courses, $86 for 5 courses, with wine pairings.

          They have wine shop next door, associated with the restaurant, so pairings are interesting and generous. They feature both local and French wines.

          They serve lunch too for that special b-day lunch.

        2. For Cambria, about the only one I can recommend is Robin's. For what ever reason, there is a lot of underwhelming food in that town.

          Artisan is a solid choice for Paso. I've had both lunch and dinner there and not been disapointed. I'v had dinner at Bistro Laurent as well and it was an excellent meal.

          Thomas Hill Organic in Paso is turning out some great food. I've had lunch there on a couple of occasions and enjoyed it both times. They have a very good pork belly sandwich as well as a good burger. My only complaint on the lunch menu is there is really no starch option for a side.

          One last dinner option is Paso is Buona Tavola. Very good Norther Italian.

          1. In Cambria 2 weeks ago with family, had a nice casual (burgers and sandwiches) at Creekside Gardens Cafe in their back patio. Tasty, well-prepared, friendly service. . . locals hangout. My sis-in-law & her husband eat their every time they visit Cambria. They had a sign announcing Mexican dinners but no one's been yet.

            We all enjoyed our dinner at Robin's. My posting about that meal: