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Jul 2, 2013 03:57 PM

Looking for Newcastle recommendations

I'm visiting Newcastle next week. I'll be there for almost a week, and am looking for food recommendations. I love great food, and am willing to pay for it, but am just as happy at a rowdy pub with great food as I am at a Michelin 3 star with great food. I love food from all over the world, though it would be nice to hit at least one place with food specific to that part of the UK. I won't have a car, and will be staying close to the Sage Gateshead. Any suggestions? I'm looking at about 3 lunches and 5 dinners to plan for. I'd also love advice on great places to hit for sweets - bakeries, pastry shops, candy/chocolate shops, ice cream, etc. Thanks in advance for any advice offered. Cheers.

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