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Jul 2, 2013 02:31 PM

Rehearsal Dinner / Private Dining in Minneapolis

Wondering if anyone has any ideas for a rehearsal dinner in Minneapolis for June next year? Looking for a private room or patio, reception is the following day at Erte restaurant if that helps. 30ish people.

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  1. How about Heartland in St. Paul?

    1. We had a dinner in a private room at Heartland this past year after my wedding for about 35 people. They were flexible about menu options.

      1. Is Heartland planning on moving to Minneapolis? Because the OP asked about Minneapolis and Heartland is in St. Paul. I hadn't heard Lenny and the team were relocating. Where will the new Heartland location be in Minneapolis?

        Down the road from Erte is Jax Cafe. They have a wonderful patio and private dining room. My parents had their 50th anniversary on the patio with 25 people and it went really smoothly. It's a classic American steakhouse. Since it is so close to Erte, I'm guessing it will make logistics and directions easy for anyone traveling from out of town.

        1. I'll second the Jax Cafe rec. You might be able to have upstairs all to yourselves. If the weather is nice Vic's in Riverplace might give you their patio.

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          1. Had my daughter's graduation party there. Everyone was great to work with.

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              I agree that Jax is a good option -- close proximity to Erte, so your guests won't have to figure out too much geography.

              In that same general vicinity, Nye's has a party room. It's in the basement and unspectacular (both ambience and food), but the location is convenient. There's also Brasa -- your party is about the right size to rent out the restaurant. They have a pretty extensive (and not too pricy) catering menu. I'm not sure if they rent out the Minneapolis location, but it can't hurt to ask.

            2. FIglio, Lurcat, Eat Street Social, Rojo, Gather at the Walker all have private space.