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Jul 2, 2013 11:19 AM

Coffee/Sushi - South Okanagan and Further South

Will be visting the Okanagan for the first time in two weeks, staying In Naramata but wine touring south of it , all the way down to Osoyoos.

Can anyone recommend some cafes with good espresso and some decent sushi restaurants in that area?

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  1. You can get a good espresso just as you begin winding into Penticton from Naramata - The Bench Market (368 Vancouver Avenue). Also not a bad place to stock up on bread or cheese to take along for a day of wine tasting. But sushi options are limited. There are a few passable, but not much more than that, places in Penticton, and that is pretty much it all the way south to the U.S. border.

    1. My in-laws live in Penticton. We've been to maybe 3-4 sushi places over the years, and the only one that sticks out, and which I've been to more than once (ie: repeat) is Genki Sushi. Better ingredients and preparation than the other 3 places whose names escape me now (and not likely worth your while).

      1. Village Grounds coffee in Naramata village (near the church and the general store)

        yes, the Bench Market on Vancouver Hill (Just above the roundabout near the art gallery)

        some people prefer this little spot hidden away in the old cannery

        farmer market in Naramata on Wed afternoons (Wine Country Bakery bread - the pretzel buns


        farmer market in Penticton on Saturday mornings - near the casino hotel on North end of Main St

        maybe LR knows the name of the Indian (South Asian) restaurant in Oliver - I think that's where it is

        bakery in Osoyoos -

        this "best of" poll might help you out too

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            That would be the place. Once upon a time it was a major go-to in the area because of a lack of other options. But in addition to Burrowing Owl, both Hester Creek (Terra Fina) and Tinhorn Creek (Miradoro) wineries now have their own restaurants, which really ups the ante.

        1. ps - there are a few other threads about Okanagan on here - here is one, for eg

          1. Isshin in Penticton for sushi. The best in the South.