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Jul 2, 2013 11:11 AM

Anything...anything at all...of note in Binghamton?

My son is starting graduate school up at Binghampton U. Looking for some place interesting. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I haven't been there in decades, but our family used to love, love, love Little Venice before we moved to Florida.

    1. Ate at Lost Dog Cafe a few years ago. It was pretty good.

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      1. My in laws live in Bing, and they love Little Venice. However, I really can't recommend it to a fellow CH. It's totally fine, but that's it. Fine. Mediocre, really.

        I went to college in Binghamton and we all just sort of had to suck it up for the four years we were there. Our favorites were Kampai, Lost Dog and Christie's, but I haven't been to them in years, and I suspect they aren't as good as I remember now that my taste buds have evolved. :) We liked to go to Apple Dumpling Cafe for brunch.

        You can always go to Wegmans and eat there! :)

        If your son likes cooking, the farmers' market at the park where the spiedie fest takes place is great.

        1. Sultan Sofrasi in Johnson City, a very nice Turkish restaurant.

          1. It's been a few years since I've been there, but my favorite was the P.S. Restaurant in Vestal. Good French/Thai place with a fantastic wine selection.

            There is also a large Vietnamese population in the area, so try one of the Vietnamese restaurants.

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              Thanks, everyone. Sounds like a grim two years ahead!