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Jul 2, 2013 11:07 AM

Visiting this month for 5 days

So, we have 5 days to spend in wonderful New Orleans this July. We have been here before but it has been a long time. We are big foodies-he is a exec chef and I work in the business also. We love all types of food and all we do is eat and drink when we go on vacation. We are looking for suggestions that will provide us with an eating itinerary that will last us till our next visit. We love cool, interesting and atmospheric restaurants and bars but will certainly visit a dive or stand for a delicious meal. I have read all the common stuff on the places to go so a real insider’s perspective is much appreciated!

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  1. 2 Brunches
    Commander’s Palace
    Cafe Atchafalaya

    3 Lunches
    Restaurant August
    Cochon Butcher

    5 Dinners
    Three Muses

    Cafe du Monde (beignets)
    Mr. B’s (BBQ Shrimp)
    Felix’s (oysters)
    Coop’s (late night dive food)
    Angelo Bracato (Gelato)
    Hanson’s (Sno Ball)