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Jul 2, 2013 10:05 AM

Jack’s Gourmet Sausages at Costco

Was in Costco this Sunday and saw a 24-oz. package of Jack’s Gourmet Sausages ("Italian", I think) for something like $10.49.

Any comments on taste? Price?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Jack's Gourmet. They come in several flavors, but only the Sweet Italian is sold at Costco. It's very good--not spicy at all, with a unique flavor profile, with herbs, fennel seed, etc. As far as price, Costco definitely has the best deal around. Keep in mind that they are much bigger than hot dogs and one sausage can easily serve one person, especially if you add sauteed onions and peppers and serve it on a bun, or incorporate it into another recipe.

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    1. re: DevorahL

      We loved them. They weren't spicy but had a nice kick. Will definitely buy them again

    2. Go for it; they're delicious. And that's a good price; the 12 oz. packages usually go for between $8 and $9. I just had a Spicy Italian one with pasta last night. I also very much enjoyed their Southwestern ones. I've also had the Jerk flavored and the Chorizo ones. All recommended.

      By the way, I've made a delicious FLT from Jack's Facon. Expensive and high in fat compared to real bacon, but since that's not an option . . .

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      1. re: queenscook

        A warning about the Chorizo ones. They are very spicy. My wife and I like spice. These caught us by surprise by how spicy they were.

        1. re: craigcep

          Interesting. I also like spice; I thought they were on the tame side! "One man's meat . . ." and all that!

          1. re: craigcep

            Me too. I like spice, but these were so spicy that I ended up using them very sparingly; half a sausage diced to flavour a pot of rice, or a few dices of sausage to give a kick to a bowl of vegetarian cholent.

            BTW I told Jack about this, and he agreed that this is his spiciest product.

            1. re: zsero

              OK, I will go back a bit on my previous comment. After this thread, I was in the mood, and had the chorizo sausage for dinner tonight. I will now admit they are not "tame," as I said earlier, but on the other hand, no need to have it "sparingly." I had it with medium-level salsa, and it had a nice heat, though far from too spicy for my tastebuds. (My own gazpacho is spicier, for ex.)

              1. re: zsero

                It'd be good to spice vegetarian with, but the cholent will no longer be vegetarian.

                1. re: craigcep

                  Well, yes, that was kind of the point.

                2. re: zsero

                  The spice in them is amazing. Love it. Great in a chulent, quite honestly. I really hope Costco carries them soon too.

              2. re: queenscook

                I just bought some Sweet Italian at my local butcher today. I also like the spicy italian and the southwest one. I also saw Jacks Facon. I usually use Aaron's beef fry and like that and it was cheaper than Jacks. When I am in the neighborhood here in LA i also great great sausages from Jeff's Gourmet. They have lots of flavors and are freshly made locally.

              3. yay

                love jacks sausages

                at which costco are you all seeing them

                i wonder if we requested the others....

                were addicted to the chorizo- i use it in my jewbalaya

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                1. re: shoelace

                  Where do you buy the chorizo? I see that ingredient in so many recipes.

                  1. re: helou

                    pretty much all of the jew supermarkets carry it- i get it either at everfresh in great neck or at seasons on main street

                    its delicious- and super flavorful- which means, in my experience, that you can eat less of it and use it as a seasoning

                    1. re: helou

                      Be aware that the chorizo called for in many treif recipes is not what this is. That chorizo is a product contained in a sausage wrapper, but which breaks up when you peel the wrapper off. This is a solid sausage.

                      1. re: queenscook

                        That's true (and confused me the first few times I tried cooking with it) but if you chop the Jack's chorizo up into small pieces, it stands in pretty well.

                        1. re: DevorahL

                          i either dice it or thinely slice it, and it maintains its body and spreads its seasoning throughout the dish

                          1. re: shoelace

                            try braising it in beer and onions, then grilling - slice it up and serve with the braised sticky-sweet onions

                        2. re: queenscook

                          Ha! Funny you mention that. I have thoroughly enjoyed countless packages of Jack's Mexican Chorizo. Bought a Soyrizo from the supermarket on Sunday and tried to stir fry it yesterday. I was VERY confused by how the "sausage" crumbled after I removed the plastic! Jack's had set the standard for me.

                          By the way, this is the Soyrizo and I do not recommend.

                          1. re: tamarw

                            The Soyrizo is a really good product but will throw you if you're not used to it. The chorizo spicing is vinegar-based and has a sharp flavor for the uninitiated (my entire "chorizo" experience has been the soy variety but I was forewarned so I wasn't surprised). I made soyrizo/cheese omelets for my kids for years and they still love them.

                            1. re: ferret

                              I have a really open mind when it comes to food. Honestly, I did expect a "sausage" and it threw me for a loop, but it was really the taste and texture (mostly taste) that made me realize it's not worth buying again.

                              I eat soy products often, and I don't usually mind spice at all (I love spice). I feel, though, that it ruined the vegetable dish I made.

                              It's also rather expensive anyhow.

                        1. re: shoelace

                          How do you make your Jewbalaya, shoelace?

                          1. re: tamarw

                            its adapted from art smith's recipe

                            2 tsp. cayenne pepper
                            1 Tbsp. ground black pepper
                            1 Tbsp. white pepper
                            1 Tbsp. dried oregano
                            1 Tbsp dried thyme
                            2 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil
                            1 pound skinless chicken thighs cut in bite size pieces
                            1 pkg jack's chorizo
                            1 pound chicklen giblets cleaned and cut in half
                            2 large yellow onion, peeled and chopped
                            1 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
                            8 cloves garlic, minced
                            6 celery stalks, chopped
                            1 can tomato sauce
                            3 cans of diced tomatoes
                            1/4 cup of hot sauce
                            8 cups chicken broth
                            2 bay leaves
                            2 cups long grain brown rice- i use either lundberg or
                            1/4 tsp. Kosher salt
                            Cracked black pepper
                            To be added in at the end
                            1 Tbsp. chopped jalapeño
                            1/4 cup chopped parsley
                            1/4 cup chopped chives


                            Heat olive oil in either a large Dutch oven or a large pot over medium-high heat for 30 seconds. Add the chicken, giblets and sausage and sauté for 6 to 8 minutes, stirring occasionally until brown. Add onion, bell pepper, garlic and celery. Cook until lightly brown.

                            Add dry spices, tomato sauce, tomatoes and chicken broth and bring to a boil. Add bay leaves, stir in rice and season with salt. Reduce to a simmer, then cover. Cook until liquid is almost evaporated, about 40 minutes.

                            Before serving, remove the bay leaves and stir in the chopped spices.

                        2. Jack's products are by and large great and like most kosher items at Costco the price is great as well. Hope they are available at Costcos nationwide. Only Jack's product I haven't liked is the jerk sausage.

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                          1. re: sharonfl

                            At this year's Kosherfest Jack of Jack's sausages mentioned that the Jerk recipe is not to his liking and he's trying to fix it up.

                            1. re: ahuva

                              Thanks for the update. I'd be willing to give the product another try if Jack reformulates. I love the idea, but not the product.

                            2. re: sharonfl

                              Only in the Northeast for now. However, the texture of the Jack's is too hotdog-like for my taste. The Neshama has a more rustic sausage quality (as does our exceptionally good local Romanian sausage here in Chicago).