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Jul 2, 2013 09:45 AM

counter depth refrigerator

Many refrigerators described as counter depth are not really close. Any ideas on a refrigerator or where to look?

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  1. Can you clarify what you mean by not really close?
    We recently redid our kitchen and I spent HOURS pouring over counter depth models online and in person, and I never got the sense that their depths varied greatly.
    What are you looking for? Side by side, French door...?

    1. when I put in counter depthrefrigerator and then scan the specs, they are usually 30" deep or more. Sometimes 28" which may work. Summit is the only refrigerator that is actually 24" deep but their largest size is 13 cubic. I was just wondering if anyone had recently found one that was 28" deep or less.

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        My Kitchenaid is 30 1/8 with handles. It goes past the edge of the counter overhang by about 3", but it's encased between a wall and cabinetry, so has a built-in look.
        Some counter depths come with finished sides for aesthetics in case it sticks out farther than the countertop.

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          IME, true cabinet depth just doesn't make sense, b/c the doors would only be able to open 90ยบ, thus rendering it impossible to open bins.

          Remember that a good part of that 30" is handles, which can be about 3-4" to allow for knuckle clearance, meaning the unit itself only sticks out 2-3", which is needed for door clearance. Here's a link to a picture of how they look in the RW.

          If the fridge will be up against a wall on one side, you'll barely notice that it sticks out. Mine does this. The body of the unit sticks out over 8" from the cabinet on it's right, but the wall on it's left side makes it look perfectly fine, because it doesn't stick out into the room.