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Jul 2, 2013 08:25 AM


Where is a nice place to have cocktails, overlooking a lake in Waukesha County, on a lazy Saturday afternoon? I am not looking for a sports bar atmosphere or something elegant. If there is a comfortable spot that can mix a decent martini without pretension, that would be great.

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  1. Seven Seas restaurant in Hartland is right on Lake Nagawicka and has excellent lake views. The bar upstairs is dark and very outdated but the seating outside is wonderful. I am not sure if they are doing it this year, but they had tapas and live music in the bar downstairs on Thursday nights in past years. Both bars and the outdoor seating have lake views. They have free boat docking if you are going there by boat.

    Seester's in downtown Pewaukee is a casual Mexican restaurant that serves cocktails and has outdoor seating across from the main Pewaukee Lake Beach.

    There are actually a ton of places in the Lake Country part of Waukesha County that offer drinks on the lakes. If you just drive around you will see them. And in this case you can pretty much judge the book by its cover. The places that look nice on the outside are generally nice on the inside and the places that look like dive bars from the outside are generally pretty bad inside.

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      Thanks much for your help. Seven Seas is a bit too stuffy for my group. I will check into Seester's.

      You are "right on" about trying to decipher what is a seedy kind of place in the county. Too often, I will step into one of these lake front establishments and realize that I am five minutes away from getting my butt kicked. A short, Jewish "Metrosexual" is not looked upon with great warmth in some of Waukesha's more interesting drinking holes.

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        I am sorry to hear you feel that way. Some of the smaller taverns on the little lakes do tend to attract some real yahoos,but if you are nice there will be no butt kicking.

        One general thing to keep in mind as well is that the City of Waukesha is quite a bit rougher than the rest of Waukesha County.

        I will try and think of a few more places in the Lake Country part of Waukesha County that would meet your criteria.

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          Well, I try not to think that way, but the last time I sat at a bar on Okauchee Lake, some guy sits next to me and asks in a very loud and accusatory voice, "Are you a liberal?" I responded by saying, "I do not like talking politics when I'm drinking." He then asked, "Did you vote for Obama?" I again reiterated my reluctance to talk about politics in a bar. This "yahoo" then proceeds to shout out, "Hey, this guy voted for Obama. He must like monkeys!" I realized this was not going to end well as I was getting angry about his overt racism. I slapped down five dollars on the bar and retreated to the parking lot and got the heck out of the area. Although I must say, the bar had a great view.

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            Some folks are just rude and should limit their intake. Drinking does not make them any smarter.

            Doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum one is on. There are ignorant yahoos on both sides unfortunately. It's a shame that happened to you.

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      1. enofile, Weird! I am positive someone mentioned Bertrands in this thread but for some reason their reply disappeared. I have only been there for dinners (hit or miss) but they do have an outdoor deck with a tiki bar or whatever it is called which overlooks part of Okauchee. They also have free boat docking.

        And speaking of Okauchee, one place you would want to avoid is Rookies.

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          Thanks. Bertrand's is one of my favorites.