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Jul 2, 2013 07:22 AM

Aluminum foil source

Does anyone know where I can buy a big restaurant size roll of heavy aluminum foil in Manhattan, as a gift for my barbecue-obsessed friend?

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  1. Give Win Restaurant Supply a call. They have cookware, dishes, glassware, cutlery. They're a likely source.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      Thanks. Tried but no luck. they advised Costco, but I'm not a member, and just need one big roll.

    2. You can get those from online office supply catalogues too, like WB Mason.

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      1. re: elenacampana

        Get the thickest you can find. Check with the customer service of each company .B.J.'s and Sam's are the only sources here also. And were too thin for BBQ.

      2. Do you know if your friend uses a lot of aluminum foils?
        A lot of people seemed to have stopped using them because of health concerns.

        1. Costco sells them - Costco, 517 East 117th Street, New York, NY 10035

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          1. re: hiscapness

            I believe, but check yourself, that non-members can pay a small surcharge to shop at Costco.

            1. re: erica

              I'm pretty sure the only way a non-member can shop at Costco is by using a gift card given to them by a member.

              BJ's does allow shopping by non-members with a one-day pass (stop by customer service to get one) and a 15% surcharge.

              1. re: Elisa515

                This sounds to me like there is a 5% surcharge for non-members...maybe someone more familiar can clarify; this appears to be for online purchases, but perhaps applies to in-store as well:

                <Why was I charged a Non-Member Surcharge at checkout?

                Costco members need to enter their membership number during the registration process in the My Account section. Non-members will be charged a 5% surcharge over the member's posted product prices (except for prescription drugs). If you are not a member, we encourage you to join: Membership information.

                If you are not yet a member, you will have the opportunity to add a membership to your shopping cart at the checkout page. The 5% surcharge will be removed if a membership is added prior to order completion.>