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Jul 2, 2013 07:10 AM

Cincinnati chili and food trucks

Hi everyone,

I've been to Gold Star and we have Skyline here in Cleveland, but I've yet to try Camp Washington. I'll be in Sharonville the weekend of July 19-21 and am wondering if CW is worth the drive. Or are there any new places that you recommend over CW? I'm also interested in the Cincinnati food truck scene. Any favorites? I'd also like to check out Findlay Market. Of course, a stop at Jungle Jim's before heading back north on Sunday is on the schedule. Any other food places of interest? Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Quite honestly, your three listed choices are excellent

    Make sure you also get a side of goetta at Camp Washington

    I can't make any food truck recommendations as I have only experienced maybe half of them, and the only one that has impressed is not in business at the moment

    Do you have Malaysian food in Cleveland? if not, head a bit NE from Sharonville to Straits of Malacca.

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      Thanks TJ Jackson. We do have an malaysian place in Cleveland that I've heard really good things about. But I've not been there. DH is not much into asian food, but I may venture out for lunch so thanks for the rec. I will definitely make it to Camp Washington this trip and definitely try goetta.

    2. One of my fave places is in Blue Ash (next to Sharonville). It's New Orleans to Go. They started as a food truck and then opened a bistro in Blue Ash. Generally the bistro is only open for lunch. You can check their Twitter feed (@NewOrleanstoGo) for their daily menu.

      Bones Burgers (@BonesBurgers) has great grass fed beef burgers. They travel all around the Cincy area. I highly recommend their parmesan fries. @CincyFTA is the feed for the Cincy food truck association and they provide the day to day whereabouts of the numerous trucks.

      Blue Ash Chili and CW are probably the 2 best. BAC is close to Sharonville.