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Jul 2, 2013 05:56 AM

Quite honestly...the best wings ever

Can be found at Rolf's in Warren. Go for the schnitzel, stay for the wings. Big, but not too big. Crispy with a nice zing...not gooey and wet like many other disgusting versions of the belle of the Buffalo Ball, these things are cooked perfectly moist on the inside, with just the right amount of buffalo sauce. You don't need handi-wipes. By the way, if the wings you are served require handi-wipes, throw them on the floor and leave the restaurant. You are being played for a fool. My only complaint would be with the celery, but big whoop.

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  1. I have no idea where the hell Warren is, however, now I wanna go to this place. But, I should note, I'm the kinda guy who always needs handi-wipes.

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    1. re: MGZ

      Warren is off of Rt 78, in between Basking Ridge and New Providence. (That's a stretch, I know, but as I tell my friends who live there, it's waaaaaaay out in the country) :-)

    2. Coldbeer, have you tried any of the items on the German menu (other than the schnitzel)? I'm always looking for good German, or Austrian, food.

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      1. re: ambrose

        They have a regualr menu and a German food section that they expand during Oktober...I get the wurst platter and the Missus gets the schnitzel sauerkraut and good potato salad no complaints haven't tried the sauerbraten yet but how bad could it be? The place is called Rolf's !

        1. re: ambrose

          They bring their food in frozen. Very slim selection of german places in NJ. Go for their german mac & cheese though.

        2. maybe they can open a location in Bergen cause the wings around here suck unfortunately.

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          1. re: yogi70

            I her some of the Korean Chicken places in Bergen make good wings...?

            1. re: lemarais

              I hear the same but not a fan of the Korean Chicken wings - tried them in the city at a bonchon I believe. Too greasy and the flavor wasn't my thing. Peck Peck in Teaneck has gotten some good reviews though.

              1. re: yogi70

                Interesting. All the reviews of Korean Chicken is that is is NOT greasy. Takes 20-25 minutes after ordering. There's a place in Northvale inside a Korean Market, and also a new place in Old Tappan next to Starbucks. Know of them?

                1. re: lemarais

                  Most KFC is twice cooked, and as long as the oil is hot enough should not be greasy and extremely crisp. They are usually brined for 24-48 hours prior to cooking which helps hold the moisture.

                2. re: yogi70

                  There's one or two in Fort Lee I think, and nearby as well, that seem to get good reviews. Not sure if the flavor you refer to is a "same across the board" kind of thing -- but on another BB I think there was a thread about some places that serve very good Korean style wings. I don't remember the name of the place in Fort Lee, but I'll try and track down that thread.

                  1. re: ELA

                    There's BonChon and BBQ Chicken...the latter fries only in Olive Oil,

              2. re: yogi70

                Have you tried Buffalo's Chicken Shack (in Wood Ridge)?

                1. re: ELA

                  Hi ELA,
                  I have tried the Wood Ridge place, and I know this joint has its fans on here, however I was very disappointed when I tried them. Their wings are huge, which is fine, but the problem I have with buffalos chicken shack is that their wings aren't buffalo wings. they had a weird sweet/spicy creole or cajun rub/sauce on them, and it just wasnt to my liking at all. I guess I am sort of a wing "purist" - hence I don't care for the Korean wings, don't like crazy different flavors or sauces on wings either. Just looking for great Buffalo wings (blue cheese no ranch!) in Bergen and have yet to find them.

                  1. re: yogi70

                    Three places that have Wing specials are

                    Pub 101 in Bogota, very small sized wings

                    Oak Ale House in Maywood

                    The Hungry Peddler in Cresskil, which also has 50 cent clams and $2 pints as well

                    1. re: fourunder

                      Hey fourunder -

                      wasn't sure if you were talking quality, or just places with wing specials... however, its funny you mention these above. I grew up in Cresskill, and the Hungry Peddler does have very good wings. And I now actually live in walking distance of the Oak Ale house in Maywood, and I feel those are just mediocre, along with the rest of their menu. Cant really speak about the 101 Pub in Bogota because it's been too long since our last visit (and I would usually go to Andy's Corner Bar instead) but remember that they had decent food - not sure about the wings. have to get back there soon.

                      1. re: yogi70

                        I'll probably have to classify the latter as with specials as I have not been to any for their wings other than the Pub 101. I have not been to the Hungry Peddler since the 80's when they had their Prime Rib Tuesday Special. I did not care for the bartender there who also worked at Varka before he bought his own place in Pompton Lakes, so I boycotted the place. My nephew goes there with friends and coworkers after work. he likes them. I was only at the OAH once at the bar and while having a burger and beer, the waitress brought two large platters of wings to the youngsters sitting next to me. I teased them and had to ask how many and if they were any good. They said yes and 30-40 each every Wednesday. I seem to recall they looked better than my Burger. As for the 101, I feel the same as you do as the OAH about the food....mediocre at best, but it's a convenient meeting spot for my son and I to get together. They don't serve the larger sized wings, only the small ones unless they are not available from the supplier. The owner told me his customers prefer them that way because he can get them more well done and crispy.

                        You may need Handi-Wipes in all three places...

                    2. re: yogi70

                      I wasn't sure, but I thought you could get them in the more "traditional" way. Guess not. I believe they have a lot of options, but if you don't like them you don't like them.

                      Maybe the "rub" is the constant -- on all their wings, and just the sauce is different. If that's the case, that would rule it out for you. I don't think there's a lot of great wings places in Bergen, and while I am no connoisseur, I know what I like. I've had wings at some of Fink's places -- and I like what he does with them. I don't know how, where, etc. he gets them -- but his preparation, smoked, BBQ, style I really like. I think he's doing a "spicy" wing quite often, but he has so many other things I really like a lot, so I tend not to go with the wings.

                      1. re: ELA

                        you may be right ELA, perhaps you can get them "traditional" now, as its been about 2 yrs since my visit to Buffalos in Wood ridge. May have to revisit and give them another try. And I 100% agree with you about Finks wings. Probably the best I have had locally/recently. Along with everything else he's smoking in Dumont. Matter of fact, we have reservations tonight for Finks - so excited. Been following Dave "Fink" since his River Edge days.

                        As far as a few solid wings places I have found in Bergen:
                        Steve Sizzlin Steaks in Carstadt has very good wings.
                        Cubby's in South Hackensack has very good wings too.
                        also agree on Sharky's wings - pretty good too.
                        AVOID: Millers ale house for wings. ugh......
                        utterly disappointed. How can you call yourself an ale house and have sh*tty buffalo wings? nachos sucked too lol
                        Have to check out the OL. haven't been there in years.

                        1. re: yogi70

                          I've never had the wings at Steve's, but I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

                          Cubby's is ok. I tend to go there for the BBQ beef sandwich, but I've had a few other things there. I will try the wings next time as well, and thanks again.

                          As far as Fink's -- he's doing some excellent stuff in Dumont.

                 was it? Start a new thread and post a review. Thanks.

                          1. re: ELA

                            sorry for the late response, unfortunately we didn't get to Fink's that night, plans got messed up :(

                            I agree on Fink's doing great stuff in Dumont. His lunch carving board specials are great too if you can ever make it over there for lunch. A delicious bargain at $10 a plate. Different daily themes. Add Shiner Bock on tap, and I am a very happy boy.

                      2. re: yogi70

                        I've had some decent "Jack Daniel's" wings at the Orange Lantern in Paramus. I don't know how they normally do them -- but you can order them that way. I like nice, meaty wings -- and those aren't bad at all.

                        They are pretty popular and I think there is a bar menu/happy hour special on them.

                  2. I haven't had Rolf's but I have had the wings at Sharkey's in Clifton and they're great. Best I've had. Egan and Son's in Montclair makes a pretty darn good wing as well.

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                      1. re: Curlz

                        I wish they were spicier, but Egans' wings are extra tasty.

                      2. re: bifpocaroba

                        Thanks for the heads up on Rolf's...going to have to try them next time I am in Clifton.

                      3. "By the way, if the wings you are served require handi-wipes, throw them on the floor and leave the restaurant. You are being played for a fool."

                        LOL. Thanks.

                        Not familiar with this place, but if I find myself in the area, I will check them out. Thanks for the heads up.

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                        1. re: ELA

                          It's not the fanciest place around, but they get it done w/ the wings. I hate food that requires handiwipes. Especially with ribs. Slow cook the ribs with a dry rub, and let the customer put the sauce on. Any other way would be like getting served french fries with the ketchup already on. Ick

                          1. re: coldbeer

                            Good points. I'm a rib-guy and the dripping wet, messy, need a straw, etc. preparation is just not to my liking. I like low and slow, dry rub and sauce to baste, make a thin "crust" etc. -- and I'll do the sauce! LOL.