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Jul 2, 2013 02:43 AM

Claudia's Pastes & Empanadas in San Mateo

Noticed the grand opening sign flying over Claudia's Pastes & Empanadas in San Mateo. It was already closed when I peeked through the window after 8pm yesterday (Monday). I asked about it next door at Albayk and learned that it's been open a couple weeks, replacing Empanadas House at that location.

Who's tried it?

Claudia's Pastes & Empanadas
668 E. Third Ave.
San Mateo

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  1. On tuesday I bought some for an office party and they baked them fresh for me . I like the chicken with green mole best. But other people liked Chicken with red mole better. The green one is spicier. They make appetizer size too by adv. order. Tasty and different from other empanadas. Crusty is flakier and filling moist. See what you think..

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      Interesting, thanks! The previous occupant made Chilean style empanadas and I thought these might be in the same vein. Sounds like a Mexican take instead. Is "pastes" referring to a type of empanada or another kind of pastry?

      Edited to add: Callee, I see that you're a new poster. Welcome! And thanks again for signing on to tell us about Claudia's. Yours is the only opinion anywhere on the web.

    2. The Paste has its roots in the Cornish Pasty, introduced by miners and builders from Cornwall, United Kingdom who were contracted in the towns of Mineral del Monte and Pachuca in Hidalgo, from 1824. For centuries the Cornish pasties have been filled with virtually every possible ingredient, although the meat, potatoes and onions seems to be most common. When brought to Mexico the list of possible ingredients expanded. There are over thirty paste vendors in the town of Mineral del Monte, where paste making has expanded while mining has declined.

      The first International Paste Festival was held in October 2009 in Mineral del Monte,and it quickly became an annual event. For the three-day event, the town is transformed into a paste market with tented stands lining the main street and pastes with a huge variety of contents are for sale. There are a variety of activities during the fiesta including historical tours and demonstrations of traditional pasty making. A large stage next to the Miner's Memorial provides music other entertainments throughout the festival. The first festival was attended by some 8,000 folk
      while the third one in 2010 drew more than 20,000.In 2011, a museum to the paste opened in Mineral del Monte.

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        i visited mineral del monte in 2010 also known as El Real. El reals history dates back to the Spanish conquest. The history of el real is just amazing ... That's where I tried pastes for the first time when I first saw one it looked like a hot pocket my mom said like an empanada but we where wrong. Pastes are one of a kind. I'm exited about visiting claudias pastes and empanadas here of some pictures I found on the web related to pastes and pasty's a Cornish Mexican tradition that dates back to the 1800.