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Jul 2, 2013 02:13 AM

Best bang for the buck...

Keep seeing these "Best <cuisine> in NYC suggestion" posts for people entertaining or traveling to the city and ready to drop some dough. For those on a more modest budget, how about some solid food at a great price?

I like:

Taqueria LES ($3 tacos)
Reservoir Bar (20 wings for $9??)
Punjabi Grocer (ev) -- samosa for $1.25

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  1. Prosperity Dumpling on Eldridge St. 5 for $1.

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      1. re: Humbucker

        They held that 5 for $1 line for a long time.

        Awhile back Prosperity opened up a branch in Sunset Park Brooklyn and the price is still the same - five for a buck. The place changed hands recently - it's now known as Great Taste Dumpling but the price is the same. The ambiance is infinitely nicer than the Eldridge St. location. The quality is good as well.

        4317 Eighth Ave.

    1. Definitely Xiian Famous Foods - the pork burger for 3 bucks is awesome (i find the cumin lamb a little one-note). and the noodles are great too - i love the looks on guests faces when they visit us and in a week/end of great eating, spending like 20 bucks on more food than 4 people can finish is the highlight.