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Jul 2, 2013 01:18 AM

Iron Hill Brewery North Wales

John had been craving a burger and somehow I talked him out of McDonalds or the A and N Diner. I had kept in mind crazyspice's recommendation of the burgers at Iron Hill and saw my chance.
John and I had been to Iron Hill a coupla times before, once he had gotten a flight of beer and creme bulee for dessert and I think I had wings but this was awhile ago.
Anyhow John got some sort of lager with a note of raspberry in it and I allowed myself one sip. So refreshing and tasty. Since I was driving I was scared to treat myself to even one beer. Just not worth it with the penalties these days. I got the brewski burger since it was a signature dish and it was perfect. Medium rare, hot, with sharp cheddar bacon tomato and mushrooms I wish I had another one right now. John got a burger with some sort of bacon jam. He really liked it but I opted to pay extra for the sweet potato fries which were thick and very good. John managed to steal quite a few. We both liked the creamy deli style slaw. John even put a bunch of slaw right on his sandwich.
The service was great, heroic even considering the party of seven with four or five small children and three adults celebrating some sort of birthday. The kids kept getting up and running to the restrooms and at least twice almost knocked something out of a server's hand. We were in the back table near the bathrooms and John was seated up against the partition. A father and daugher were playing peek a boo with the rest of their party and kept stooping to hide and then slowly appearing above the partition wall. It was so much fun waiting for John to sense the movement directly behind him and get freaked out.
There were a lot of tempting items on the menu, lamb meatballs, fish tacos, wings, and of course the creme bulee. I can't wait to go back for another burger but probably not on sunday afternoon again. Place was a circus but damn that burger was mighty fine.

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  1. I've found that if you stick w/ the very basics at IH it's serviceable but when you venture out into the entrees it can leave something to be desired. Beer has always been good. NW was my goto IH until they opened one closer to me in Chestnut Hill.

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      Carbs thanks for the great review. I have found a couple of things about IH North Wales. 1. You get better service at the bar, 2. They have small plates that you can only get at the bar, and they can be a good deal. 3) Those lamb meatballs are really good. 4) The beers are good, but unremarkable. 5) Only go during off hours, the place is a zoo, because the area is under served by restaurants. Glad you had a good meal. Note that my experiences at IH have varied, from North Wales which is good, to Wilmington which is ok, to Maple Shade where the beer is superior.

    2. I am glad you enjoyed the burger! I also completely agree with Chinon's comments about straying to the entrees. I am not a beer drinker so I can't offer any input there. I ordered the fish tacos once and I wouldn't order them again. Their wings are decent.

      We received a $5 promotion in the mail recently for Uno. Their burger really rivals IH's burger. I would never considered going to Uno, but my husband said he wanted to see what it is like. I was pleasantly surprised by the burger. I don't know anything else about Uno, other than it is supposed to be known for pizza. It didn't look very appealing to me.

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        Since you mentioned the burger; I had noticed a change in the quality and I thought size of the burgher about a year or so ago(not really sure of the time frame) at which time I mentioned my observation to a server. She confirmed that they had changed their burger. Of course I thought I liked the original best but subsequently I have enjoyed burgers at IH. Perhaps a trick of memory?

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          Some entrees can be OK, again if you stick to the basics: I've always had good luck with IH's meatloaf, but their fish & chips can be hit-or-miss. I may try their jaegerschnitzel next time I stop in, but that might be pushing my luck...

          Like cwdonald, I like their beers (Ironbound tends to be my go-to), but am not wild about them. With so many places sporting serious beer selections these days, IH isn't the bee destination it once was.

          Speaking of whichm the Uno's in the Philly burbs have gotten serious about their beer programs in the last few years. At the Exton location, the several of the staff know me, and generally make good suggestions. For food, I usually get a small Numero Uno pizza, but I may have to give their burger a shot!

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            While I obviously agree that the beer selections virtually anywhere in the region can be outstanding there's always a place for fresh brewed beer served on premises. I drink IH for that reason mostly; bright clear fresh beer. In my immediate area there's one other brewpub (EB+B) which I find overall to be even w/ IH in terms of house pours.

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              You make a valid point. In addition, there's nothing quite like thr aroma of a brewpub when there's a fresh batch of wort on the boil!

              I keep meaning to check out EB+B, although I'm leery of making a special trip, given my mobility issues, and the parking along Germantown Ave.

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                There's a free parking lot in between the flower shop and a physical therapy center on Germantown Ave a quarter block before EB+B heading east.

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                    Of course depending upon the time of day you visit there are often parking spots open on Germantown Ave. There is also a lot directly behind the string of shops in which the pub is located with an drive way back to them which is walkable. We have frequently gone on the early side at the dinner hour and parked directly in front of IH. We like the Chestnut Hill location best and a booth by the large windows looking out on Germantown Ave. is a plus.

        2. kidnapped me...literally...but yes the burger was awesome. I'm odd I know but I like good slaw on a great burger. The service was really good.

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            I kidnapped u to Jesse's bbq also. At least you didn't eat half my sweet potato fries at jesse's. They did give me a lot at IH

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              heh the sweet potato fries where so good.

          2. Old post is old, but I wish I'd read it before visiting the Iron Hill in Media today! I probably would have stuck to the apps and a burger knowing the general trend of disappointing entrees, as that's just what I encountered today.

            Beer = very good to my tastes. Note that I am much more of a wine & spirits fan than a beer drinker, but I do enjoy freshly made, light-flavored beers. (Bright, clear, fresh, just like another commenter said here.) The seasonal Belgain-style they had really hit the spot for me--especially after 3 hours hiking at Tyler Arboretum! Sweetie also enjoyed his heartier brew.

            We shared the Signature Egg Roll sampler, which again, hit the spot after all that walking. Total bar food fried yummyness. But my entree of Flat Iron Steak with just total meh. Completely overcooked; I asked for medium-rare and this was way more medium-well. Side mac 'n cheese was decent but not memorable. The best part of my sweetie's ribs were definitely the sweet potato fries.

            All in all I'd go back for the beer and bar food, but would definitely skip the entrees next time.