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San Diego Hound Making Three Day Trip to Boston

I'll be in town the 4th, 5th, and 6th.

Need Breakfast/Lunch recommendations for each day..as well as other "must have" snacks for a west coaster. Love any and everything, nothing is off limits. Particularly enjoy good seafood, especially things we can't get on the west coast...like lobsters with claws. Many thanks!

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  1. For seafood, Neptune, Island Creek, Daily Catch on the waterfront for Sicilian-style seafood - local treats: lobster rolls and whole-belly fried clams. Where are you staying? Usually you want breakfast at least near by. Restaurants that are unusual and excellent: Oleana (excellent Turkish/Middle East), Lala Rokh (Persian in a lovely room in beautiful Beacon Hill), Taberno de Haro (great Spanish wines and good tapas), Myers & Chang (hip, novel take on Asian fusion, particularly nice for dim sum on a Sunday).

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      I'd stick with the North End Daily Catch.

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        Really? The one on the waterfront is infinitely more charming and I've quite liked the food.

    2. Depending on where you are staying, how you are getting around ( let us know) and/or travelling to Friendly Toast in Cambridge offers a nice breakfast.
      I don't think San Diego has much for Portuguese or Brazilian. That being said East Cambridge could be a great dining destination for Midwest Grille, Portugalia, Sunset Café, and East Coast Grill and Christina's Ice Cream.
      Most lobster rolls will be served on a toasted split top hot dog bun which you won't easily find on WC. Neptune, Belle Isle and even Sullivans with a walk around Castle Island for lobster rolls.
      There are several options for 'award winning clam chowder' such as Turners, Legals, etc.
      And, grab a slice of pizza or two for lunch or snack. Much different than CA za.

      1. As a native SD, I couldn't get over how great the restaurants are in BOS.
        Loved Neptune's..
        Lucky's Lounge was a blast for drinks and food.
        Great Italian.
        Craigie's on Main..Langham hotel for brunch.
        Drinks at Clinks or Taj..wish Locke-Ober was still around. : (
        If you can rent a car for the day and head down the Cape or take the ferry from BOS to Ptown..
        Padres are playing at Fenway while you are there..tough to score tixs but its worth a try.
        Love BOS and the food, the people are wonderful.

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          Hey BC, you need a road trip, for some great clams onion rings and a few good craft brews, I just posted.

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            Friggin' jonesing big time to get back to BOS and then head up to Maine for some clams, chowda, lobster roll, blueberry pie, pint of Allagash and catch a Red Sox game..and a good cannoli.

        2. Depending on where you're staying, I'd recommend Belle Isle for a good lobster roll, they're just over the E Boston line in Winthrop. Daily Catch in the north-end might be another good choice as well as Galleria Umberto's for a good slice of pizza and arancini or Pizza Regina's in the north-end (only). Got a car? if so, some of the best fried clams up the road in Ipswich, the clam mecca of New England, at The Clam Box.

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            call first. lots of vacation closings for the small places.

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              Gallaria Umberto is closed for the month of July.

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                OOS.... forgot it was July, thanks.

            2. If it's seafood you're looking for, I agree with the Neptune Oyster recommendation. I would go for a whole belly fried clam app and a lobster roll. Then stroll around the North End and grab a cannoli from one of the bakeries. Maria's, Mikes and Modern are all good. Too full, then an expresso martini at Paradiso would hit the spot and satisfy a sweet tooth.
              Regina's (North End only) makes a great pizza but if it were me I would head to Scampo at the Liberty Hotel for their lobster pizza or maybe their shrimp scampi pizza (in case you've had your fill of lobster).

              1. Thanks for all of the replies.

                A few bits of info..

                I'm staying at the Boston Harbor Hotel, so I'll be in that area...and WON'T have a rental. I'm in town for a wedding (on the 5th) so my schedule is semi-cramped. I grew up in NJ, so I've had plenty of fill of good pizza, although do appreciate the pizza recs.

                Right now I'm leaning towards Neptune for lunch..still investigating some of the other options posted in here..

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                  You can easily walk to the North End for breakfast - I'd try Anthony's on the Waterfront, a nice, not fancy breakfast joint a few blocks from your hotel, or meander down Hanover or Salem and find expresso and pastry in the morning.

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                    If you want take-out breakfast on the weekend, downtown Boston is kind of a wasteland. But if you walk over to the North End, pop into the Golden Goose market on Commercial St. One block in from Atlantic Ave.

                    They will make you a nice egg sandwich for pretty cheap. If you are looking for a good haircut pre-wedding, go then around the corner to Firicano's barber shop. Richie will clean you up nice. With a fresh haircut and a bagel sandwich in your belly, you will feel like the Prince of the city.

                2. You are right by our newly developed waterfront area which has a lot of restaurants.

                  Not sure which ones are open for lunch

                  But Flour Bakery (Joanne Chang) is a popular destination for breakfast and is a quick walk from your hotel.

                  1. If you want a sit-down breakfast, Ferrara's on Salem St. in the North End offers some Italian-American dishes like carbonara or polenta and eggs along with the standards. Not fancy, and service can be brusque, but you won't be hungry afterwards.