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Jul 1, 2013 10:16 PM

Looking for Oakland Chinese Restaurant with Private Room

I have searched the boards and the web but have so far come up empty. I am helping to organize a Friday night dinner before my brother's wedding in August for about 30-40 people. We want a totally private room at a Chinese restaurant in Oakland but have a couple specific requirements:
1)Great food but must be American-Chinese rather than more authentic fare to suit the masses.
2)Easy location to find for out of town guests
3)Reasonably priced
4)Either has option for alcohol or we can bring in our own
5) We also want to bring candles, wine and Challah to celebrate Shabbat so we need some nice owners to let us!

Does this place exist or am I asking too much?

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  1. Semi private at East Ocean Seafood just through The Tube to Alameda

    1. Peony has 2 rooms towards the back of the restaurant

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        We had a very bad experience with Peony some years ago and will not go back. But they do have a variety of rooms available.

      2. New Gold Medal has an upstairs space that will accommodate your group -- and more. Be sure to tell them you want the whole space. We've had very nice dinners for ten or twelve upstairs but there's often another big table that's occupied.
        Parking is easy in Chinatown in the evening, in the garage under the mall between Webster, Franklin, Ninth and Eleventh streets -- entrance on Franklin just North of Ninth Street.

        They will let you bring in wine- very low corkage fee.