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Jul 1, 2013 10:09 PM

Sir Winston's at the Queen Mary

I'm thinking of paying a visit to Sir Winston's at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. My SO likes this sort of thing, Has anyone been lately? How is the food, the service and the overall experience? I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions or opinions. Thanks for any help.

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  1. I was there about 2 years ago. The food was well-prepared, on the expensive side, but nothing mind blowing. The service was friendly but on the slow side. The atmosphere was fine, not too noisy.

    I think it's more of an experience type restaurant, where you can day dream about times long ago...when dining on the Queen Mary was reserved for the wealthy and Hollywood elite.

    The menu available on the website looks like it hasn't changed since I went (although I'd like to point out it says it's the 2012 menu and here we are in 2013, which means they haven't updated their menu or their website).

    1. I 2nd DrBruin's opinion.
      It's theme dining so go with that in mind.
      Have a drink in the art deco bar then stroll the ship to dinner.
      Just don't get seated in the middle by the kitchen you'll have staff whizzing past. We got sat and asked to be moved and were moved to a nice cozy corner.
      Food is good hotel food, classic Wellington , seafood..
      They also have a seafood / oyster house on the ship one could start at one end with the bar, grab some oysters on the walk over to Sir Winston's.
      it's. fun thing to do

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        Thanks Doc and Johnny. Exactly what we're looking for. I'll wait for a nice balmy evening so we can pretend that we're on a beautiful cruise.