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Jul 1, 2013 08:09 PM

Best Smoothie Travel Mug? (easy to clean, bpa free, dishwasher safe, not too tall)

I presently use the cups which came with my magic bullet blender to transport my raw milk smoothies to work.

I'm looking for a solution which is bpa free, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, doesn't leak, not too tall (under 5.5 inches so it can fit in the fridge at work), and one that doesn't have handles so it can fit in the found cup holder in my car should I want to consume it on the go.

Because the milk is not homogenized, I need to shake it before drinking. The magic bullet lids don't have any gaskets and leak when shaken).

I recently got a double-hulled stainless steel water bottle which I love! Unfortunately, it's too tall, the mouth isn't big enough to clean out for liquids other than water, and it has a foam base which is great to protect furniture, but renders it not dishwasher safe. BTW, generally speaking, are double-hulled mugs ever dishwasher safe due to the high temperatures of the dishwasher?

So, with all those constraints, any suggestions?


PS if this isn't the correct section of chow hound, please accept my apologies (cookware, drink-ware: it all gets confusing to me!)

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  1. No answers :-(

    I guess I'm being too fussy :-(

    1. I've been using a glass pint-size mason jar for my smoothies. It's not as insulating as a double-walled thermos, but it's leakproof, sturdy, and dishwasher safe. You can also buy plastic lids for mason jars, but I find they aren't quite leakproof if you shake the jar.

      1. i have been looking for the same thing for a while.. good luck.

        i was in starbucks recently and found a mug that was partial ceramic and partial stainless. it looked like it might be a contender. I'd say swing by a starbucks and check it out - i haven't seen another like it (without the logo) and i went online to look but can't find a picture. I keep thinking about maybe getting it.. but a mason jar is so much cheaper!

          1. re: rasputina

            I think you're right about the 5" being a problem.

            I'm just sick of my magic bullet containers leaking when I shake my milk !!!

            I just purchased this for my water drinking (arrived today):


            Sadly, I forgot to check if it's BPA free; I just emailed the mfg. If not (it may become a gift ! ) I really like the spill proof'ness

            1. re: mike2401

              Weirdly the kid version of that same cup is BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe. Might be a reasonable option at 12 ounces and stays cold 7 hours.


              1. re: vstock

                I really hope the adult version is BPA free too. I will call them tomorrow (they are closed today for the 4th holiday)

              2. re: mike2401

                This is a stainless steel mug. Where would you find BPA in it?

                BPA was mainly present in hard clear plastics (Lexan, polycarbonate). The kid's mugs are labeled as BPA free because they are plastic. The Magic Bullet is the kind of container that might have had BPA in it (though apparently now it is BPA free).

                1. re: paulj

                  I was concerned about the rubber/plastic lid that you sip the water through.

                  Their customer service indicated that it is bpa free. (Odd they don't say it on the amazon description of that product, but they do on others.


                  1. re: mike2401

                    Lids are made from a more flexible kind of plastic, one that never has had BPA.

                    The kid's cups are a hard plastic, which might had BPA in the past. From the start there has been more concern about BPA in children's items (e.g. baby bottles) than adult items.

                    1. re: paulj

                      I don't have any babies so I'm looking out for #1 :-)


                2. re: mike2401

                  Just as an update: the company says it's bpa free on the lid.

                  I used it for the first time today on a car ride:

                  it fit in my cup holder, and I really liked the auto-sealing feature.

                  I see why it was top rated on amazon.


              3. I use a couple of mugs from these guys for coffee. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, and I **love** them. They might have something that would work for you:


                P.S. I use these: