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Jul 1, 2013 07:01 PM

Commercial Mixer?

I hear Kitchenaid has a commercial mixer. Anyone know what makes it "commercial" - or know anything about it, or where to get one?

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  1. Here is KA's info on it:

    They are available at a lot of places including Chef's Catalog, Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table,, etc.

    There have been some user reviews at

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    1. I went full commercial when I found a 12qt Hobart A-120 for $295 on Craigslist, and love it. I have seen several N-50's on CL.

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        Ohhh you are lucky!
        Those things are great!

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          Where the heck do you live? Out here, all the Chinese @#$& you want or broken worn out Hobarts for a $1,000+.


          1. re: Sid Post

            Found mine in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. Also picked up a 14" Hobart buffalo chopper with stainless rolling cart plus meat grinder for $100 at an estate sale. Hobart full auto meat slicer at a military auction for $360. Hobart power drive with VS9 slicer with 2 more meat grinders, and extras for $350 off Craigslist.

            Deals are out there, be patient and you will find them.

        2. When I was researching the last time, the only difference between the commercial and non-commercial versions of the KA top line mixers were minor alterations required for certification: a heavier duty power cord and cast aluminum attachments.

          The KA Q&A section I think has these issues discussed, I think.