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Jul 1, 2013 06:42 PM

Plum Market

Today I checked out Plum Market, the new luxury market on Wells just above Division. I think it is the most expensive grocery store I have ever been in, beating out WholeFoods (and I have shopped in Switzerland and Belgium). Yelp said weekend crowds were big during the Grand Opening but at 11 this morning there may have been six customers, and the store is large. Fresh fruit is about twice as expensive as Treasure Island and I know for certain that some ethnic items I saw are priced at 300% of what they sell for in the ethnic markets. The salad bar is $8.99 lb---Treasure's is $5.99, don't know about Mariano's or WF's. I considered a small jar of a maple pecan spread that looked interesting for toast but put it back when I saw that the price was $25. Eggs were >$5 a dozen but organic of course. Will people pay these prices? And I don't see a local customer base for the prepared foods (unlike Mariano's on Randolph that draws lunchtime crowds from several huge office buildings that have few other options that close). I give them a year, which would be a pity as they have a FULL LINE of See's chocolates, to which I succumbed---am sitting here munching one now.

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  1. I went there last weekend and everything looked great, but as you said, very expensive. There are a few things that aren't too far out of line...Pies were on sale for $5, the blueberry one I picked up is very good. They have a large selection of cheeses, I grabbed some pepperjack but have not tried it yet. Good selection of premium ice creams (including Graeter's). Meats and seafood looked good as does the produce if you don't mind the prices. They also have some interesting canned and jarred goods, but since I walked a little over a mile to get there I didn't want to buy anything too heavy. I'm sure I'll go back but only for "filler" items that are hard to find elsewhere.