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Saturday night in Pittsburgh

Three of us are coming in for a night. Staying downtown (Cambria Suites), will have a car. We appreciate good food, but not snobbish about it. Last trip we ate at Avenue B and loved it. Is there anything good downtown? What about South Side? (Certainly not limited to those areas - just curious.) Are there any BYO restaurants that you recommend?

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  1. There's quite a few good places downtown.
    Wingharts for burgers
    Kaya (that's downtown enough for me, it's a walk though) for Carib food.
    Gaucho for Argentinian Q (never eaten there, but my coworkers love it. And it sure smells good.)

    Best value in the city is Salt of the Earth up in Garfield.

    Most anyplace you go, you can find something "good" -- SouthSide has some pretty interesting tacos, and someone's always raving over Dish (Italian)

    1. You may want to consider this strangely negative comment when considering recs.

      Chowrin Jun 10, 2013 12:01 PM
      I'd rather pass on the hype myself. We had one of the top chefs in for One Small World (ask the post-gazette, I'm horrid with names).
      I'd be shocked if we weren't exceeding The Mistake on The Lake for the past ten years, though.

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        I had seen that unfortunate comment. I don't subscribe to the concept that you must demean something in order to promote something else.

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          Quite right! My thoughts exactly. BTW I enjoy your city and admire the progress made in revitalization.

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            Cleveland and Pittsburgh have similar challenges, and each has had substantial victories, in both their food scenes and elsewhere. I enjoy traveling to Pittsburgh for that very reason. Also, I think it's vitally necessary for me to ingest those wonderful thin pancakes at Pamela's at least several times a year.

      2. Dish on the southside.
        Cafe du Jour on the southside - BYOB
        Kaya can be fun - Strip District.
        Nicky's Thai Kitchen - BYOB..on the Northside...newer one in town but have not been to that one.

        1. Meat and Potatoes is one of our favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh and is also downtown.

          1. For good food and casual atmosphere:
            Downtown - Penn Ave Fish [has an oupost downtown that serves dinner Th- Sa - very basic atmosphere but some of the best fish in the 'burg]; Il Pizzaolo on Market Sq (Italian trattoria). In SouthSide, I think Dish is the best reso there by far. I also like the apps at Truth (not the mains). Enjoy

            1. It looks like we've settled on Dish. Is there a fun place to stop for a drink - either before or after dinner - in that general vicinity? Perhaps someplace that does interesting craft cocktails and that is not a raucous 20-something crowd.

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                Dish is a great choice! For drinks, you have about 100 choices within a mile...No exaggeration. The challenge will be finding one with craft beers without a 20 something crowd. I'd recommend Pipers Pub or Ruggers. I'm not sure about their craft beers, but Nakama has a fun bar, and just around the corner is the 17th Street Café which has a bit more mature crowd. The best choice might be to stroll down Carson St and see what catches your attention.


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                  Pipers has a great craft beer selection. For cocktails, I would again recommend Meat and Potatoes or, if on a weekend, the speakeasy in the William Penn Hotel. Neither are on the Southside though.

                  I have never been to Truth, in the old Cafe Allegro location, but they have some craft cocktails and lots of scotch...if you can get past the "martini" list...It's about 5 blocks from Dish.

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                    And this is why I love Chowhound so much!!! Thank you! (By the way, it's craft cocktails we're after - none of us is much of a beer drinker, except on the hottest of days.)

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                    Wow, that place looks great! Thanks for sharing, guaranteed we'll check it out soon.

                  1. Just a quick report: We had drinks at Acacia and loved it. Arrived around 7:30 and had 2 rounds of very fun, well-made drinks. The place was about half full, comfortable (we sat in a booth) and service was excellent. Dinner at Dish was fantastic. I had the mixed seafood grill which was out of this world. We fortunately made it out of the South Side before all the tomfoolery began in earnest. Breakfast the next morning at Pamela (Strip Dist) was great, and worth the wait (during which we bought some fun stuff at Penn Mac). Another great visit to the Burgh! Thanks for the good advice, fell Chowhounders.

                    1. Dish has always been my favorite in that area, but I've never been to Acacia...I'll be there soon now!