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Jul 1, 2013 05:33 PM

Who is selling Sour Cherries around SE Ct (shoreline area)?

So has anyone come across sour cherries anywhere in the Connecticut shoreline area (east of New Haven)?

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  1. Gezz - nobody selling sour cherries???

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    1. Not on the shoreline, but Belltown in Glastonbury is still picking and growing. Latest FB update:

      "PYO tart Montmorency Cherries for cooking/baking/jamming are now available and will last through next weekend on the trees and then picked for sale in the Farm Market. Don't miss out on these!"

      If you feel like taking a ride, it sure is a beautiful place and my favorite farm for sure.

      1. Sort of late for this post but Smith's in Niantic was still selling tart cherries as of yesterday. $5 for a quart basket, they had four quarts, and they looked great.