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Jul 1, 2013 03:43 PM

Edinburgh £15 lunch tips needed for Weds 3 July

I'm going to Edinburgh for a conference on Weds and am arriving around 11:15 at Waverly Station. I have 2 hours to grab lunch somewhere between the station and the uni (Teviot Place) by myself and would like to spend no more than £15 at some place tasty but casual. I eat anything but especially like Middle Eastern/Vietnamese/Thai. Scottish is fine too (I live in London). £15 isn't much, but if you have suggestions please fire away! Are there food trucks in Edinburgh like in London? Cheers!

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  1. May have already answered my question, but has anyone been to Under the Stairs? I can't find any mention of it on the boards.
    It's 3a Merchant St. Edinburgh, EH1 2QD. I'll report back.

    1. probably too late but in case you want another option, we had a great casual lunch at urban angel last time we were in edinburgh (there are two branches, hanover street is nearest to the station, i think).

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        Thanks, abby d! I didn't have much time in the end so ended up grabbing a hog roast roll at Oink (34 Victoria Street). Tasty pork, but next time I'd opt for bbq sauce rather than the apple-stuffing combo, which was a bit bland. The bread goes a little soft for my taste - I prefer a hardier American bbq roll. I did go to Urban Angel for an early dinner one night and had some delicious dips/spreads on toast, including a creamed smoked salmon with horseradish + herb crostini. I've never had falafel in curry before and don't think I ever will again, but I enjoyed my pea fritter salad with jersey royal potatoes, pea shoots, rocket + fennel as a main - 3 meatball-sized pea fritters whose sweetness contrasted nicely with the rocket. Urban Angel is 121 hanover street, eh2 1dj • 0131 225 6215 •,