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Tierra Mia - New coffee shop in La Lengua [SF]

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Tierra Mia coffee opened up at the corner of Valencia and Mission this weekend. Seems like it could be a nice spot....it's an LA company opening their first branch in Northern California. http://tierramiacoffee.com/Tierra_Mia...

I tried a frozen blended drink (can't remember what they called it), but it was "Mexican Chocolate" flavored coffee (so, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate blended w/ ice). Pretty good, and I'll definitely try their pour-over coffee soon.

I think their grand opening is today (the weekend was soft-open). Not sure if they serve food, or where it's from.

Anyone else been yet?

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  1. The online menu lists Guava cheese strudel. I hope that's pastelito de guayaba and that it makes an appearance here.

    1. La Lengua? Uh.

      Tierra Mia's frappes are pretty Starbucks-like but with more interesting Mexican themed flavors, like Horchata, etc.

      They're doing pour over of 2 different beans right now (Panama, and I believe, a Guatemalan) for $2.75 a cup. I get the feeling the beans are better than the cup they're selling, as they're training new staff, and pour overs can be easy to botch, which is the best way to describe what I got.

      Didn't see any pastries yet. There's only one trash can, situated by the door, rather than near the sugars, and stirrers, so that indicates they're still figuring the store layout and this is closer to a soft open for now.

      1. I got Horchata Frappe medium reg price $3.95, but I got it FREE for the soft opening Sat 6/29/13. It's way too sweet & comes with whipped cream which I didn't notice until after I got it - had to have it removed because I don't like whipped cream.

        Tierra Mia Specialities are:
        Horchata Latte $3.45/3.95/4.75
        Mocha Mexicano
        Coco Loco Latte
        Cafecito Cubano Con Leche

        I saw a few pastries, but didn't ask where they are getting it.

        Nice space, friendly staff. Will be back to try more drinks in the future.

        Hrs: 6:30am-10pm Daily

        Tierra Mia Coffee
        3188 Mission St at Valencia, SF

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          I guess they learned from your order and started to ask before putting the whipped cream. Starbucks used to do it automatic too until they started listing calories.

        2. I was looking for a place to linger-in-la-lengua to do some work after the CONFEDERATIONS CUP FINAL and walked in there at 5:55 only to discover they were closing at 6 for the soft open. Anyway, they gave me a free drink similar to yours -- coffee + mexican chocolate -- except on crushed ice, not blended/frapped.

          Yeah, it was pretty good in a sweet drink on a hot day kind of way, but too many calories for frequent consumption for me.
          [It was way better than the bogus/expensive cacao-pulp smoothie/icee at DANDELION CHOCOLATE]. The coffee flavor seemed pretty good to me, but I am not a coffee snob [my fav form of coffee is probably coffee ice cream ... well that and Blue Bottle lattes].

          I did see the pastries listed on their web page, but everything was pretty bare when I was there 5min before close ... dunno if those were not part of the soft open or given away.

          The left a lot of open space ... not really a lot of seating. The claim they will be open until 10pm but I wonder how that will go ... it didnt work for CAFE CUBANO out in LAUREL. I would like to find more cafes open past 8. I dont like RITUAL much any more, and HAUS is just so-so. And MUD WATERS is horrible and freezing.

          I'm curious how this place will evolve.

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            When I asked what their hours were going to be, I was told they'd be open 6:30 AM - 7 PM every day.

            1. re: Dave MP

              I asked twice [I was incredulous] and the same woman said 10pm both times. That is also what the web page says:
              Open 7 days a week, 6:30AM to 10:00PM

              But I'm still dubious.

          2. On this very hot day, a frosty frappe sounded awfully good to me. An horchata frappe', $4.50 for medium, was my morning coffee. Thanks to those who posted earlier, I knew to tell them to leave off the whipping cream. Even so, this concoction is terribly sweet, and I don't really have a sense of what the underlying coffee beans are like.

            My real mission here was to find out about the guava strudel. Well, big surprise, the pastries are made by Patisserie Philippe. Many kinds of croissants in the case, plus palmiers, and i really wanted the delectable-looking almond croissant but managed to stay on task and bought the guava-cheese one, $3.50. Quite different from a flaky Cuban pastelito, but good in its own way. The guava paste is not dyed red, and there's not much sweet cheese. The laminated dough was a bit too wet but I did like the flavor. I had some regret that I'd not ordered the Cuban cafe con leche instead of the horchata frappe.