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Jul 1, 2013 03:28 PM

Jo Jo Potatoes?

So Holy Mary Mother of Junk Food Yumminess. Are these things an MSP invention? I see them referenced in other parts of the country so I'm guessing not. However, prior to my outing to the 5-8 Club, I had never had or heard of them before. The Juicy Lucy investigation was good but the Potatoes at 5-8 Club were life-altering! Crispy and crusty on the outside, strongly seasoned, steamy light pillows inside.

I'd love to know what type of fat they fry in.. do they batter these things and if so.. with what??

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  1. Hmm. Hickory Hut in St. Paul offers Jo Jo potatoes as one of their sides, and they are not battered or even all that crusty unless you get an end piece. They most closely resemble sliced unpeeled potatoes, probably parcooked and then quickly fried, with a very (un?)healthy dose of seasoned salt.

    I like them a lot, but even with the same name, they don't sound like the same potatoes 5-8 is calling Jo Jos.

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      John Hardy's in Rochester is my go to place for the sliced potato style jojo. Throw some of the spicy sauce on those and you've got a meal right there.

    2. Ted Cook's also has Jo Jo fries. They are similar to what Steve describes. The version e_bone describes might be what Wikipedia mentions here:

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        Did Ted Cook change their potatoes? The used to be sliced but they called them Jo Jo potatoes.

      2. The first time I ever heard about Jo Jo potatoes was at Shakeys.

        1. I haven't had them at 5-8, but your description reminds me of the jojo's I've had at places with "Broaster Chicken" (which is great by the way. For locations or info about what the heck "broasted" means: Thick, crusty, highly seasoned, dangerously hot, pillowy wedges of potatoes. I don't think those are battered. They happen by way of pressure-frying, which unfortunately, is probably not a good thing to experiment with at home . . .

          I don't know if this place is any good, but there are a couple in the bottom-right of the picture for comparison:

          Anyone else have better info, intel or ideas?

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            you are dead on I think Trout. Pressure frying scares the heck out of me so I think it's something I'll go out for.. not try at home :-)

            The crust is salivation-making

          2. Obb's has them, usually served with the broasted chicken.