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Jul 1, 2013 02:50 PM

Ethnic Supermarkets Fairfield County

Will be returning to Farifield County in a couple of months after several years in Chicago. One of the great things I've been spoiled by in the Chicago area are multi-ethnic supermarkets, where under one roof you acn find a fulla ray of products ranging from Syrian breads to Polish sausages to Bulgarian feta to Filipino halo halo to Indian Parle g biscuits to Spanish bomba rice. All at great prices.

While I don't expect to find anything like this in Fairfield County, are there any markets selling a good range of ethnic products, especially Middle Eastern, Balkan and Eastern European products. Also Asian markets? All I can remember are a couple of Polish grocery stores and a few Japanese markets.

Thanks for any input.

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  1. actually you may be surprised...............

    Food Bazaar in Bridgeport is truly international with specialties from many countries as well as ethnic baking, prepared foods, and meats and dairy, frozen Asian specialties, as well. Problably 65% Hispanic, but from many countries, not just Mexico and the Isalnds, but Eastern Eurpoean, UK and Chinese, Korean, and Japanese under one roof.

    Also the International Farmers Market on the 2200 block of Main Street in Bridgeport carries groceries and fresh food from all over the globe. There are both Polish and Russian specialty grocers on Boston Ave (Polish near C-Town) and Barnum Ave Stratford (Russian), Hungarian in Fairfield across from the Bowling alley and Walgreens-849 Kings Highway East.

    That said with all the Polish and Eastern European choices available in Bridgeport and the valley, we still go to Fils Deli in Cromwell monthly to stock up on their homemade Pierogi and wonderful crepes (thicker than blini) for our freezer.

    1. You'd be surprised. Fairfield County has a few places tucked in, here and there, but not all are just have to search them out.

      For mostly Polish finds, try "A Taste Of Europe" in Norwalk (located on the Post Rd., just north of Stew Leonards, opposite side of the road in a small strip mall. They carry deli meats, dry goods and some refrigerated items. The also carry other nationality items, like decent Wiesswurst.

      For Indian, there is a HUGE grocery store called (I think) Patel Brothers. Located Post Road/Connecticut Ave. in the Best Buy/TJ Maxx shopping center (south exit 14, rte. 95).

      Greek? Try Steve's Market on Main Ave., in downtown Norwalk, near the Ford dealership.

      As for Bulgarian...I had a Bulgarian roommate, and we found some BG items at various places. For instance, Fairway (in Stamford) carries Bulgarian feta, and The Fresh Market in Westport had (at one time) Bulgarian yogurt. Go figure!

      As for the Asian influences, there's The Oriental Market (Norwalk), Fuji Market (Old Greenwich), to name a couple.

      And for Spanish...well, there are at least 2-3 Latin markets in Norwalk alone. 2 on Main Street, another on Fort Point Rd. They all carry bomba rice, but I've seen bomba at Fairway, too...for that one-stop shopping.

      Good luck, enjoy and happy hunting!

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