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Good tamales?

Looking for recent recommendations for tamales in the N.O. area - both restaurants and groceries, if applicable. I like all styles, but really miss Manuel's!


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  1. A far, far cry from Manuel's, but delicious in their own right: tamales made by Isabel, a vendor at the Crescent City Farmer's Market. $1/ea, in bean, bean/cheese, jalapeno/cheese, and a few other varieties. Tuesdays and Saturdays, for sure (I dunno if she does the Th market, I never go to it). Handmade, white corn, wrapped in corn husks.

    1. Norma’s Bakery usually has 3 different kinds of tamales- Hunduran, Mexican and I can’t remember the other. They are very good.

      1. In a restaurant, try High Hat Cafe on Freret. They are meaty, not greasy and come with a tasty dipping sauce. Just wish I could get 'em to serve saltines along side! Might have to smuggle in a few packs...

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          In a style similar to High Hat tamales are the tamales at Joe Sepie's, Jefferson Highway at Central Ave in old Jefferson. (across the street from Jeff Feed & Garden Center). Skinny, mixed up meat & masa, lots of chile powder, the kind that make their own thin "sauce" (mostly delicious spicy grease) during cooking/reheating.

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            I also like the ones at High Hat.

          2. Mamita's Hot Tamales is a mobile operation that will drop off. According to the owners, their tamales are Manuel's resurrected. See this article:


            I don't know their full schedule, but they have a facebook page. They come by the bar where I play darts every Tuesday, so they do seem to have a set schedule of places they hit, but check the facebook page to find out more. Mamita's Hot Tamales.

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              Thanks Uptown,

              I just discovered their Facebook page yesterday and subscribed. Hope to catch them my next trip down from B.R.

            2. These are good, but if you can get someone to bring them a deer and have them turn it into burritos or tamales, you will be a very happy man. You can only get the beef ones on line and in in the store. http://www.cajungrocer.com/mickey-bro...

              1. The tamales at Kermit Ruffin's Speakeasy are terrific. You get a plate of 12 for a very reasonable price and get to enjoy great music.