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Jul 1, 2013 02:06 PM

Montalcino, cinque terre, Rome - am I on the right track for dinners?

Traveling w husband to those destinations early August and about the book the following and looking for thumbs up, thumbs down or better suggestions...thank you!!!
Trattoria il leccio
Osteria orticcio
Gianni Franzie
Gambero Rosso
Trattoria Monti
Da Pierluigi

We love good, non stuffy food and wine in a fun, traditional atmosphere. In gratitude, I promise a lengthy report when I return...if I return ;)

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  1. I didn't have any complaints about the food I ate one winter's day at Pierluigi, but the atmosphere of the restaurant is more of what I would describe as warmly upscale, professional and elevated (including elevated twists on traditional cuisine). It is not stuffy, and I imagine that sitting outdoors in early August in the very romantic piazza is quite special, but overall I felt the restaurant speaks more to well-heeled tourist or business guests, or maybe special group occasion than what I think of as "fun, traditional".

    I don't have any experience of other fish restaurants in Rome, so can't make any suggestions in that direction, but others might already have done so in previous threads. And I will say that if it came down to a choice of eating fish outside at Pierluigi in August and eating fish inside some other place in August, I'd probably pick outside at Pierluigi unless it was just too stinking hot to eat outside period.

    1. Thank you for that tip...that was a concern re Pierluigi. Since I also wrote, I learned that monti and perilli are out due to August so now considering
      Flavio al velavevodetto
      La campana
      While still keeping Pierluigi as an option
      Thank you!!

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        There is currently a discussion of Flavio on the board, so you might want to check that out. The others have been the subject of recent reports, I'm pretty sure. If you can't find recent Chowhound discussions by using the search feature on the uppermost right corner of this screen, you can sometimes easily track them down by doing an independent Google search like "Roscoli Chowhound Italy 2013" (or 2012).

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          PS: One another thought:

          Roman pizza happens to be my very favorite kind of pizza, and in August, if we are talking about "fun, traditional" for dinner, then you might like to join the Romans for pizza at least one night, if you like pizza at all. It is enjoyable evening food in hot weather, and it can also be enjoyable to indulge in a long lunch on a hot day in Rome, taking a rest in a cool place, which means you probably won't want a big dinner.

          There are plenty of recommendations for neighborhood pizzerie on this board, so you could jot down the names and addresses of a few likely candidates to take with you.